A Week in Los Angeles (Food Edition, Part 2)!

Hello, hello!

Last week, I wrote a post about my food adventures during my first week back home, after returning from Europe. I was craving a ton of particular dishes that, while accessible in Europe, simply weren’t done justice compared with those in the melting pot city of Los Angeles itself.

That said, this post will showcase my second week of food adventures in my L.A. hometown, so let’s get to them! 😀

One of my old high school friends (of six years, and still going strong!) was back in town after her year in college, so we decided to meet up mid-week for lunch to catch up with each other. She suggested ramen and considering that I haven’t had it, let alone Japanese food, in a long time, I was open! We went to a small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant (literally, it was no more than twenty seats!), where we got some pretty good, hearty ramen. Broth was hot and earthy, the noodles thin and plenty, and the *slightly runny* boiled egg finished off the meal wonderfully. ❤


A couple of days later, I had another date with two other friends– one who I’ve known since elementary school, the other who’s a friend of that friend, but is considered a friend of mine, too (if that makes any sense)– and we spent the afternoon by the beach. Got some ice cream at a popular, local ice cream store; I always get the same flavor (graham cracker), and it never disappoints!

We all scream for ice cream!
We all scream for ice cream!

We hung around the beach (it was a beautiful day) until evening, when we got dinner at a Thai restaurant; I had been craving Pad Thai, and so I ordered it. Pretty standard, nothing extraordinary, but it satisfied my desire for the dish!

Pad thai.
Pad thai.

More food followed the following day, when my family and I went to Koreatown (“K-Town,” as it’s commonly called) for some Korean BBQ. And if you know anything about it, KBBQ is always a big, all-out kind of gathering, since it’s all-you-can-eat and with tons of delicious, marinated meat: bulgogi, cow tongue, pork belly, galbi, you name it. Plus, your clothes and hair smell all smoky once you finish, so it’s necessary to change and shower after eating…unless you want to smell like smoke for the rest of the day! Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of my KBBQ experience, but imagine it being a feast (which it was!).

Gotta finish off the second week with some classic, American food (am I right?). For the non-West Coast folks out there: In N’ Out burgers and fries is a huge deal here, especially in California where it originated. While the menu options are limited only to three choices (hamburger, cheeseburger, a “Double-double”), the fast-food chain is famous for making everything fresh, from the burgers to the fries to the milkshakes. Personally, I think the establishment is pretty overrated (the drive-thru lines are insane), but in any case, it serves standard ol’ American food. Mm…smells like freedom. 😉

*plus, order the Animal fries on the secret menu. Just sayin’.

In N' Out burgers. Animal fries are on the left.
In N’ Out burgers. Animal fries are on the left.

All right, that’s about it for my second week of food adventures! Perhaps I’ll have more for you in the upcoming weeks (that is, if I keep going out to eat…shouldn’t be a problem!). Take care, and bon appétit!

— The Finicky Cynic

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10 thoughts on “A Week in Los Angeles (Food Edition, Part 2)!

  1. This makes me hungry! And I agree with the other person, I’m vegetarian as well but I miss In N Out so much. Want to travel back to California sometime.

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