Things To Do This Summer!

Hello, folks!

June has just begun, and with that follows the end of the school year. Because of these things, I thought what better time than now to create a list of activities that I want to accomplish by the end of this summer! I did a similar post list the previous year, and you will find that some of my points for this summer’s are about the same as those last year. Some things just never change! For last year’s list, check it out here.

Without further ado, here they are! Enjoy. 🙂

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1. Read more books. Whether in English, French, heck, even Chinese, I need to brush up on reading- for real. Sounds bad, but nowadays cracking open a physical piece of literature is much more difficult than just spending the whole day on the Internet, as the latter is readily available at merely your fingertips. But I desire to get back into reading an actual, hard-copy book, just like in my bookworm days during elementary and middle school (nostalgia, what can I say?). Could be anything, from classics to chick-lit to YA novels: I just need to read.

I have also made it a goal for myself to read (and finish!) at least three French books this summer, to keep up my French reading comprehension, which I have found is weaker than, say, my writing. I’ve already gone through Le Petit Prince (a short one) and am currently struggling through Camus’s L’étranger. Here’s hoping that I will reach my three-book goal this summer!

2. Meet up/hang out with friends. This ain’t new, either: even during college, it was pretty difficult to stay in touch and make plans to meet up with friends, old and new. And especially after graduating college, it’s been more of a challenge. For instance, some might have moved away to another town, another state for work, graduate school, or another reason. Others, like me, were overseas for work (still missing the teaching-in-France life!), and so the only way to stay in touch was through Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, and other forms of social technology (a blessing, though!).

Any case, I still do miss the actual, physical interaction with my peers: the feeling of immediacy when talking to each other about nothing in particular, as well as reminiscing and laughing at old inside jokes cannot be replaced by conversations online. Whether it’s a matter of grabbing lunch or attending an organized event, getting together with friends this time around is more important than ever, since some of us will definitely be moving out in the upcoming year. Scary, but hey, that’s the “adulting” life, unfortunately. 😦

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3. Try new foods in Los Angeles. You probably know at this point that I am a massive foodie; I have to thank Los Angeles for having such a diversity of cultures and their different cuisines to have cultivated such an affinity for, well, food! Although I have already tried plenty of different foods all over the city, I still have yet to try so much more.

For example, Ethiopian food is on my bucket list: in fact, there’s an Ethiopian restaurant in West LA, called Meals by Genet (food pictured above^), which is from what I’ve heard a good one to check out! I’m really itching to go there, although I don’t know if I can this summer (transportation and timing issues). Another one that I’m strangely interested in trying is Tibetan cuisine, but I am not even sure if there are places around here that serve it! Oh well, time to go explore with my taste buds! 😛

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4. Explore more of Los Angeles. I find it amazing that, despite being born and raised in this city for my entire life, I haven’t even seen the Hollywood sign in person, let alone visited Hollywood! Perhaps it’s attributed to the fact that Los Angeles is so damn huge, but still…True, I made an effort to check out the Griffith Observatory last year with my family, but it was so crowded that we ended up not seeing a whole lot in the end. Perhaps I’ll make another trek over, as well as properly revisit LACMA (and not just for its Urban Light display) and then Hollywood. After all, it’s the City of Angels that we’re talking about here!

5. Submit my work for publication. Inspired by a fellow assistant-friend not too long ago, I am making it a plan to kick-start my freelance, writing career. Yes, earning money is a huge incentive (could be as much as a few hundred to a few thousand dollars!), but also writing about what I love, travel, is not a bad idea. I don’t have the desire to becoming super famous, but putting out some of my work in some literary journals, blogs, magazines, and newspapers can be a great outlet for expressing myself even more so than now!

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6. Brush up on my French and Chinese. Similar to #1, it is more important than ever to improve in my other two languages besides English. To have more than one language (and fluently) under my belt will serve me a great advantage not only for job offers, but also for being, well, a more interesting person. To be able to communicate effectively with many people in multiple languages can be a useful ability, and while I know that it’s going to be a huge challenge (especially with two languages!), I’m not to give up without trying at first. We shall see!

7. Envision myself. Rather an enigmatic statement, but I plan to “envision myself” in terms of imagining options for my future- in my twenties, thirties, and so on. While it is true that one can’t really know for sure one’s life decades later, especially in one’s twenties, at least figuring out what to do for the next two, three years is the way to go: for supporting oneself financially and mentally.

I can’t be dependent on my parents for the rest of my life; while I greatly appreciate their love and support for me throughout my schooling and even afterwards, I know this can’t last forever. I have made it a personal goal to break free from the nest by the age of twenty six (which is actually coming up very soon!), and hope by then that I am be completely independent. A huge goal to set upon myself, but I’m going for it!

All right, that’s it for me! Let me know your summer plans, and I’ll see you soon. Stay cool! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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6 thoughts on “Things To Do This Summer!

  1. Yay to reading more! So fun, and healthy 😉 if you need some good book suggestions, I’ve written a list in my blog…check it out and see if you’d like to read any.

  2. J’adore Le Petit Prince! I see just from this one post that you’re a French speaker! I’m looking to keep up my French too. Do you have any books you’d recommend to do so that you’ve already read? Thank you!

    1. Ouais! Le Petit Prince est excellent, non? Yup, I know French; I’m currently pushing through Camus’s “L’étranger,” so perhaps you might want to try it out, too? That, or I’ve read French poetry, from works by Baudelaire and Apollinaire, if you like that type of genre. Let me know what you end up choosing! 🙂

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