An Afternoon Hike!

Hello, my fellow bloggers!

Last week, I decided to meet up with a friend from back home whom I hadn’t seen in a long while, considering that I had been gone for eight months in France. Granted, my friend was, funny enough, doing med school in England at the same time, but despite the *relatively* close distance to each other, we never ended up meeting while abroad.

That said, we decided to meet up back home in Los Angeles, since we were back from our stint in Europe. But this time, we chose to change up our usual, “let’s meet up for food” date; instead of that, we chose to hike! My friend lives in a hilly area of the city, which also has plenty accessible hiking trails along the coast, making for a scenic, nature walk. Having had a wonderful time hiking in Italy not too long ago (which you can about in the first post here) and discovered my love for hiking, I was definitely interested in doing so!

We met up at the park near the entrance to the hiking trail and, armed with a hat, water bottle, and a pair of sneakers, I was ready to go! 😀

View from the trail entrance- got a long way to go!
View from the trail entrance- got a long way to go!

It was especially hot that day, although it shouldn’t be surprising since we had started at 3 pm (during peak-heat period) and it was already June, aka beginning of summer. Granted, the trail was steeper and dustier than I had expected, as my friend and I had to be extra careful not to slip downhill when walking. But the scenery was lovely, as we got to see the dry, desert-shrub beauty of southern California. Really, it’s nice to have a hidden piece of nature in the heart of a sprawling urban city like Los Angeles!

The trail!
The trail!

From time to time, we took some breaks for water, as well as just stopping to admire the beauty of the coast from afar. There was also a fallen tree trunk near a cliff that has since been carved to make a sort of bench for hikers to sit on, so we took a seat to chat, relax, and just watch the Pacific waves roll in down by the beach. Absolutely beautiful. 

A view of the sea.
A view of the sea.

Time passed remarkably fast: we were walking and talking so much that I suppose we lost track of time. By the time we made our *sweaty* way back up to the park entrance, it was already approaching evening!

While the hike was quite challenging, as I hadn’t done that sort of thing since my time in Italy just a month ago, I appreciated it. If anything, it got me excited to hike again, and perhaps I’ll try to do more of it in the future. Spending quality time with a friend whom I hadn’t seen for a whole year was a pleasure, too. And sometimes, it’s good to step back from the monotonous rituals of everyday city life and clear your mind with a bit of nature. 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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