A Day at the Garden!

Hello, there!

This past week, I decided to pay a visit to my local botanical gardens with an old friend. Although we had already meet up twice since I returned from Europe, we decided to meet one last time before she had to return to school in a few weeks. Considering that it had been forever since I visited the botanical gardens near my hometown (gosh, must have been easily over eighteen years ago!) and that my friend had never been there before, we planned to go for the morning.

Admission wasn’t too pricey, especially when we showed our student IDs (although I’m no longer a student, my ID card doesn’t have any attendance dates, so I’m able to flash it around wherever…and get away with it!). 😉 Picked up a map, and spent the next one and a half hours wandering around the gardens.

We first came across a green lawn-field with a fancy arbor, white and elegant; I can imagine couples getting married at this spot! ❤

Quiet, but serene.
Quiet, but serene.

We wandered through the Rose Garden, then the Vegetable Garden, before making a large loop around the whole estate. Tried to find the big lake in the center, but unfortunately once we found it, we discovered that it was dried up and under maintenance. Bummer… 😦

Some cabbage and kale being grown at the Vegetable Garden!
Some cabbage and kale being grown at the Vegetable Garden!

We also stumbled across the Desert Garden, full of cacti and all. Also captured photos of some tall, lone palm trees along our loop around the botanical gardens:

Cacti galore!
Cacti galore!



Palm trees...so Californian...
Palm trees…so Californian…

Between the walks, we talked, took photos of each other with the flora, and just wandered around, enjoying what this small slice of well-kept nature in the heart of a metropolitan city had to offer. While it’s unfair to compare the grand-scaled gardens in Europe to a smaller, local community garden, I would have to say that, for my time in Los Angeles, the latter is not bad to check out.

Some colorful flowers.
Some colorful flowers.

We left the botanical garden around noon, heading back into the city center for lunch. Although it remained overcast (even *very slight* drizzling) during the time we were at the garden, I appreciated the visit to a place in the local area. It is crazy to believe that I have always overlooked the attractions of my own hometown, choosing to see places outside of it rather than within.

Discovering this botanical garden was also a nice break from the doldrums of staying at home all day, forcing me to go out and explore something else than virtual reality. Even further, this friend date at the garden certainly beats the typical, lunch meet-ups that I’ve grown accustomed to over the years (although we did end up going out to lunch after the gardens, but still…). Similar to the afternoon hike that I did with another friend last week, nature can really be found anywhere, even in the center of a large city like Los Angeles.

Perhaps I’ll do more local discoveries of my hometown over the summer; after all, I have the time! More to come soon. 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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