Sexy Things People Do

Hello, folks!

Haven’t done an honest-to-good, cheeky post in a while (after saturating you with tons of my travel posts in the recent past), so I thought that I would bring it back today! 😀

This post will focus on, you guessed it, people. Doesn’t matter who- just people doing things that are worthy of making my ovaries explode from such attractive behavior. ❤

…that was a bit too graphic, eh? Anyway, here’s my list of sexy things…that people do! 😉

Sexy Things People Do

Emmy Rossum- the ultimate girl crush for the ultimate smile.

1. Smile! Really, what else is more attractive than turning those sexy lips up? Smiling is #1 goals for stealing people’s heart (or at least thawing a frozen one’s). And I’m not talking about those fake, close-lipped ones: I’m talking the wide, ear-to-ear, teeth-revealing ones that make all of the other attractive features: dimples, eye crinkles, carved bone structures, and so forth come out. I love a good smile- makes you just damn happy! 😀

Total beefcake. I love you, Theo James. ❤

2. Folding one’s arms. This one especially goes for men, particularly those who’ve been, well, working out. There are different ways to cross one’s arms, but the one that makes me really swoon is also folding one’s hands under the biceps, making them pop out even more. Wear either a tank or T-shirt, and I’m gone- seriously. *heart eyes*

No, you don’t, honey.

3. Playing with one’s hair. This includes both guys and girls. From twirling to smoothing to tousling it up, hair is an extremely versatile body part that all at once keeps our head’s warm, enables creative self-expression through different ‘dos, and of course, entertains us when we’re bored (hence the hair playing). I find it seriously attractive when a man slicks back a piece of hair from his pompadour, or when a woman combs/messes it from the roots (sounds creepy that I’m observing, but then again, don’t you watch, too?!).

Captain America be doing all three (how talented!). 😉

4. Facial contortions. Now, I’m not necessarily talking about Charlie Chaplin or Mr. Bean statuses, but rather the subtle actions of creasing the forehead, furrowing the eyebrows, raising the eyebrows, etc. It gives character to the person, as well as makes interactions all the more interesting, sometimes even entertaining!

Attractive af.

5. Putting one’s hair up. This, in particular, goes for women; I don’t know what it is, but the act of putting the hair up into a messy ponytail/bun while holding the hair clip/hair tie in the mouth is so damn attractive, not to forget cute. Don’t know what it is about hair that’s so sexy (I’ve mentioned it twice so far!), but then again, it probably has something to do with its potential as a plaything (and we love toys, don’t we? In a way, we’re still kids at heart). ❤

Thoughts…sexy thoughts…

6. Staring off into space. …or daydreaming, whatever you want to call it. That pensive expression we make when thinking about something else besides the current thing at hand is just too much. Imagine this: chin propped on hand, soulful eyes gazing off into the distance…yeah, you know what I mean. What’s even more cool is that, as the observer, we are torn between leaving him/her be to think (and stay beautiful) and ambushing them to make them snap back to attention- either way, it’s all good.

How hot (and cute) is this?!

7. Ogling over cute things. From babies to puppies to cartoons, someone who absolutely crumbles under adorable things are very adorable themselves- which makes them all the more lovable and attractive. The squealing, the kisses, the “can I touch it?” actions are just too endearing to not love. I admit, my heart just dies a little when I not only see an adorable puppy, but also someone who is playing with it. Too much cuteness~~~!

All right, that’s about it for me! What are some things you find attractive about the human race? Let me know! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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14 thoughts on “Sexy Things People Do

  1. That Weird Brown Girl

    1) When people smell good! Especially when you borrow a guy’s hoodie and it has that deep, husky smell and you take a deep breath that makes you go “……”
    2) When they look into your eyes while talking. I get all flustered.
    3) I also have an unhealthy crush on Theo James/Tobias Eaton 💗

    1. Amen to #1! I also love catching the smell of a girl’s recently-shampooed hair; one whiff of it and I’m gone.

      Theo James is a total babe. Love him!

      1. That Weird Brown Girl

        Oh yes! Also, I find women with tattoos and short hair insanely attractive! (a.k.a Ruby Rose)

      1. You’re so right! People who laugh and smile easily are just more attractive, perhaps because they look more approachable. Never really observed a walk that got my attention, but I can imagine what you mean!

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