Champagne Kisses- Jessie Ware (SSJ #26)


It’s been a long while since my last “Sunday Slow Jam,” but after catching up with all of my travel posts these past two weeks, it’s finally back! Hoping to re-energize you with some of my favorite slow songs that you can listen along to (or quietly jam out to- I won’t judge!). 😉

This week’s slow jam is one of my current obsessions, as it features the wonderfully-talented, super underrated Jessie Ware, a British singer known for other hits like “Valentine,” “Say You Love Me,” and “Wildest Moments.” If I were to pinpoint exactly her music genre, it would be quite difficult, as it combines soul, R&B, electronic, and pop influences. Anyway, it’s great!

So about “Champagne Kisses”: what first struck me about this song was the beauty in its simplicity, from the repetition of the lyrics to the minimalist beat. Ware’s voice absolutely soars in this song, but at the same time attempts to stay grounded: as you will notice in the music video, she is much in reality during the stanzas (e.g. sitting in the waiting room, in front of the eye exam machine). However, that reality disappears as soon as the *deliciously catchy* chorus comes on: her falsetto just carries you away into fantasy, from the trippy, braided doubles to the swirling effects of Ware and an unknown male actor. Seriously, it’s almost dizzy to look at!

As for the lyrics’ meaning, it is quite enigmatic: at first glance, it might read as nothing but the singer’s undying love to someone, but several lines say otherwise:

For instance, the repetition of “All I want is your love/Don’t give in” during the bridge suggests that this relationship between the singer and the significant other is not as romantic as expected. Perhaps it’s toxic, emphasized by the “Don’t give in” part, meaning, don’t give in to my temptations, like champagne. See what I mean there?

Another one is the song’s outro, repeating “And I won’t be mad/I won’t be mad/Champagne kisses” definitely shows that something’s going on with the relationship; apparently, there’s some tension between the two people, and perhaps they’re trying to make it up with “champagne kisses.” So I guess in that sense there’s resolution in the end, but who knows for another time…?

Anyway, enough of the music analysis (you can tell how passionate I am about this song!). It’s a good track to listen, and I do encourage you to check it out.

…and can I say that Jessie Ware looks absolutely hot in that blue suit and hat? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the music video! Have a great rest of the Sunday, folks.

— The Finicky Cynic

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