Dog Days of Summer!

Happy first day of August, folks!

The Finicky Cynic

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The dog days of summer…

…have arrived! 😀

Welcome to the month of August, folks. For those of you living in Australia, South America, and anywhere south of the equator, happy winter! But here, above the geographic line, it’s full-on summer. 😛

Things have been heating up these last few weeks; even the inside of my house (which is naturally cold to begin with) is already really warm. I suppose it could be worse, though, than having, say, triple digits indoors (thank goodness not!). I feel the heat (hence the “dog days of summer”), but hopefully I don’t combust from the pressure! 😀

In any case, how are you? How’s summer been treating you so far? I am aware that some of you who are still in school have since gone back for a new academic year, or are getting ready to do so very soon (wish…

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7 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer!

  1. shivanishangout

    In India, its monsoon right now – which is treating us well this year 😉 So we’re hoping for a wet August 😀
    Good luck to you for Dog Days 🙂

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