A Week in Los Angeles (Food Edition, Part 4)!


Now, it has been almost two months since I’ve last posted my food adventures while being back in Los Angeles for a while after Europe. However, shortly after my last post (which you can read about here), I was once again off traveling, this time to Asia. However, I’ve since returned, and having gotten back into eating out around the L.A. area, it is time for me once more to share with you my latest foodie discoveries! Let’s go. 🙂

A few Fridays ago, I went out to the West L.A. area to meet up with an old friend from college; we had taken the same poetry course during our final quarter in undergraduate, and had gotten along really well. Even after graduating, we continued to stay in touch, corresponding over email and sending each other our poetry every month (for feedback and enjoyment). Recently, he had reached out to me for some help editing his soon-to-be-published chapbook, which I did graciously (love doing this kind of stuff), and basically, he invited me out to lunch as thanks for the hard work (really, it was no sweat- whew!). 😉

Although I was thirty minutes late to lunch (seriously, traffic was horrible that day, even when I left an hour early), my friend was cool with it. We ended up getting bibimbap (Korean rice dish) in town, then later hitting up a milk tea café for some good ol’ boba. Mm mm mmm… ðŸ˜›

Old photo, but basically what I got that day.
Old photo, but basically what I got that day.

Overall, I would say that it was a good day spent with an old acquaintance, considering that he would be heading back to his work up north in California beginning in the fall. Ah, the bittersweet moments of being an adult… :/

The following day, I had another date, this time with my best friend since elementary school (almost eighteen years of friendship and still going strong!). We caught a film (saw Ghostbusters- hilarious and entertaining!) before getting lunch, then trying our hand at the recently-opened ice cream parlors in town. And yes, we went to more than one ice cream parlor, since we had massive sweet tooths to satisfy. We were such fatties, pssh…

The first shop specialized in ice cream popsicles, and you could customize them with any sort of flavor, dip, and toppings. Ours came out to almost $5 per pop, which is not very cheap, but for a “gourmet popsicle,” I guess that’s reasonable. Funny enough, we had gotten flavors that looked very similar to each other (aka both were green), and initially had accidentally gotten each other’s flavors; it wasn’t until I bit into it that I realized the mistake! Thankfully, my friend and I laughed it off and traded popsicles, so that we had our respective ones. 😀

Green tea popsicle with chocolate and waffle cone pieces!
Green tea popsicle with chocolate and waffle cone pieces!

After giving ourselves a little break, my friend and I headed over to our next ice cream destination, Creamistry. What makes this sweet treat parlor unique is its liquid-nitrogen ice cream, which I suppose sounds pretty cool in theory, but…can the taste live up to the hype?? Unfortunately, I would say it didn’t. Yes, it was interesting to see the workers whip up the ice cream manually and watching the dry ice fill the room with smoke, but at the end of the day, it was just ice cream- nothing that special. Plus, at a $5.50 starting price for a small cup, it was super pricey. My cookie butter ice cream with marshmallow cream was tasty, but I didn’t think it was worth the money. Even my friend said that hers wasn’t that extraordinary, either. Well, at least we gave it a try!

Cookie butter ice cream with marshmallow cream.
Cookie butter ice cream with marshmallow cream.

Just like with my acquaintance on Friday, I had to say goodbye to my friend after hanging out with her that day, since the following week she was leaving for graduate school out-of-state. Seriously, bittersweet moments here, people! Of course, we’ll still keep in touch, and I definitely had a good day with her. 🙂

The day after, I had *another* meet-up with someone, this time an old acquaintance from high school who, funny enough, would be teaching in France this coming year, specifically in Normandy, where I taught this past year! We had actually gotten in touch over Facebook a few days prior, and decided to meet up for coffee in town to catch up and for him to ask any questions about the program (which I was happy to answer).

Although I am by no means a coffee drinker, I nevertheless ordered a chai tea latte for the coffee date. While I wished that it was a bit thicker with milk, my chai tea latte was still pretty tasty- nicely spiced and earthy- and I discovered right then and there that…I liked chai tea lattes! Considering that before then I hadn’t had one since the past summer, I think it’ll be my go-to drink of choice anytime I go to a coffee shop!

Chai tea latte!
Chai tea latte!

The high-school acquaintance and I talked for about an hour and a half; we hadn’t known each other that well back in school, but at least we were amiable with each other. He seemed really excited for the program, as he’s a first-timer, and I’m sure he’ll have a good time.

…and that’s about it for me now! I will do my best to write up and post more of my food adventures while in Los Angeles, so look out for them soon. Take care! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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