Long Live- Taylor Swift (SSJ #28)

Hello! Happy Sunday to you, bloggers. 🙂

Today’s “Sunday Slow Jam” features the vocals from none other than the famous Taylor Swift, whose music has spanned a entire decade of five albums, countless singles, and also innumerable fans who have supported her all of this time. This song, “Long Live,” is taken from her third studio album, Speak Now (2010).

To be frank, I do not consider myself a die-hard Taylor Swift fan. While I do find some of her songs quite nice, even catchy, I wouldn’t say that she’s my top favorite artist out there. But I will acknowledge that her song, “Long Live,” is one of my favorites from her, even after all of these years (six years and counting…wow!).

Why do I like this song? First of all, it’s not a single; not to say that singles can’t be good, but the fact that this track isn’t makes it more underrated, and less likely to be overplayed on the radio (which I don’t really appreciate, for any song, really).

Plus, the rhythm and melody…I have a penchant for songs that tune to G major, as it gives off an uplifting atmosphere and makes you just so happy. Swift’s lyrics, while vague, nevertheless add to this inspiring quality, and can be interpreted in a multitude of ways: about a high-school relationship, a fairy tale (with dragons), or perhaps even both. These images are quite romantic, and they definitely bring me back to those days of impressionable moments of high-school: on love, dedication, and dreams. I read somewhere that Swift dedicated these lyrics to her fans who have supported her throughout the years: from album to album, as well as from concert to concert. I find that a touching gesture, actually, as it demonstrates that she still keeps herself humble and grounded in reality, despite the huge amounts of fame.

Any case, give this song a listen, will you? Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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4 thoughts on “Long Live- Taylor Swift (SSJ #28)

  1. Taylor has always played it smart until the past year, everyone in music makes some mistakes along the way. Her involvement with Kanye and Kim are not good for her legacy. Now that she is dating Tom Hiddleston her life will become more interesting. I hope for good things in her future.

    1. Yes, I’ve heard about that news involving Swift and West/Kardashian; I guess sometimes there needs to be some drama…I didn’t know that she was dating Tom Hiddleston; she bounces back fast!

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