6 Underrated Youtubers You Should Watch

Hello, hello!

Now, I am a fan of Youtube and in my spare time, I like to go and watch videos of those whom I find adorable/educational/smart/clever/…and of course, entertaining.

Recently, I watched a video of one of the Youtubers whom I subscribe to: Riley J. Dennis. She is a young, twenty-something-year-old like me who has also done the French teaching program this past year. She is also an outspoken activist on topics like gender, sexuality, feminism, and so forth, as she is passionate about them and finds them relevant to talk about, especially in this day and age.

Any case, the video I watched, “9 smaller YouTuber you should watch,” was very interesting, not only because it was an excellent way to promote those who didn’t necessarily have a ton of subscribers but still offered a lot of great ideas to the YT community, but also because…well, I had actually been thinking about writing a post about my favorite underrated Youtubers! Guess Dennis beat me to it. No hard feelings, though. 😛

With that said, I have decided to go ahead and make my own little list of small-time Youtubers who I think put out fresh, funny, and quality videos. My criteria as to how I evaluate who are considered “small, underrated Youtubers” is basically on the number of subscribers they have; in this case, it’s under 100,000. Riley J. Dennis puts it at 150,000, but for me, it’s just a tad too generous. So 100,000 it is!

With that said, I will be listing their subscriber count as of right now, when scheduling this post (August 7, 2016), so they won’t be relevant weeks, months, years later, but hey, you can only go up from here, right? 😉

Anyway, here they are! Perhaps after reading this post, you’d like to check them out, too! Cheers. 🙂

1. Antastesia (95,475 subscribers)

Formerly called “Apn9a,” this Youtuber has been continuously making video for over eight years now! Known as “Emy,” she is a French girl who is living in Paris, but also constantly traveling around the world, from Poland all the way to Japan. If I had to describe in a few words what her channel’s about, I couldn’t, just because she does so many different things: cooking, personal stories, languages, French poetry, ramblings about feminism and other social justices, etc. I would say that she’s “eclectic,” and never ceases to surprise her *almost-100,000!* subscribers! She is beautiful, inside and out. ❤ Check her out here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Apn9a/featured.

Courtesy of Youtube.

2. Alex Shillington (4,802 subscribers).

I first stumbled upon this Youtube channel a couple of months ago while searching for some Wynonna Earp-related videos to watch. Run by Alex Shillington herself, this channel dedicates videos every week to LGBT-themed shows and news in a segment aptly named “Lez Talk.” Although each of Shillington’s videos can be quite long (some as long as thirty minutes!), they are nevertheless a pleasure (and super entertaining!) to watch; you can’t imagine how many times I die laughing when she squeals/fangirls over TV canons (especially WayHaught in Wynonna Earp), as I find that super funny and also incredibly endearing. She also has another YT channel, AussieGamerChick (yes, she’s Australian!), in which she plays and reviews video games. Any case, check her out; she’s awesome! https://www.youtube.com/user/DoddyIRL

Courtesy of youtube.com.

3. A Skylit Avenue (55,683 subscribers).

Hm…I realize that I don’t actually remember how I started getting hooked on her videos, but I know that I don’t regret ever subscribing to her channel! Bubbly, energetic, and whatnot, Tanya (A Skylit Avenue) never ceases to make me smile with her variety of funny, weird, and adorable videos. She also takes on challenging topics as well, from things like depression and anxiety to coming out; she actually came out as gay a couple of months ago, and I couldn’t be more proud of her! Basically, this young Canadian (yes, she’s Canadian, folks!) seems like a fun person to be around…and her left dimple just gets me every time! 😉 Check her out here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ASkylitAvenue

Courtesy of twitter.com.

4. Riley J. Dennis (13,636 subscribers).

Yes, I’ve already talked about her at the beginning of this post, but she counts as a small video-maker worth mentioning! I actually found her when looking up personal French-teaching experiences, and happened to stumble upon her channel! Identifying herself as a queer, transgender individual, Dennis makes videos not only about her personal experiences abroad, but also on topics like feminism, rape culture, linguistics, race, and other challenging socio-political issues. She is unapologetic about tackling these discussions, and for that, I find them really interesting and stimulating to watch. Granted, she talks quite fast, but that adds character to her videos! You can check her out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVF8SAGEQnBA-yKM4iQNqfw

Courtesy of youtube.com.

5. NickyTaggy (5,115 subscribers).

I just recently stumbled upon her Youtube channel, actually around the same time as Alex Shillington’s (#2). Can you imagine why? Yup, Wynonna Earp…NickyTaggy made a short, but extremely hilarious video titled “Shit Wynonna Earp Fans Say,” which just got me right in the gut (figuratively, of course). Brilliant and funny in the most awkward (but most endearing) way, this Scottish Youtuber is the ultimate fandom princess for all things TV. She doesn’t post that regularly, but I always look forward to her videos when she does! Find her here: https://www.youtube.com/user/NickyTaggy

Courtesy of youtube.com.

6. YesReneau (28,817 subscribers).

I believe I found this channel either through 1) her Harvard University videos (yes, she’s a Harvard alum! Smarty pants…) or 2) her Paris study abroad experience (as I had gone through the same thing in college, too). Either way, YesReneau (real name: Taylor Reneau) is loud, witty, and has plenty of fresh, experimental videos to boot. Plus, she is definitely not bad to look at… 😉 She also happens to be starting her French teaching career this coming year (yes, another American teaching abroad!), and I wish her all the best for that! Check out her channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/yesreneau

…anyway, that’s all for me! I encourage you to check these amazing Youtubers out, as I find them super fun, super inspiring, and overall just fresh, innovative contributors to the YT community. Give them a go; take care!

P.S. For Riley J. Dennis’ video that *partly* inspired this post, here it is: https://youtu.be/Ui1qhYqtcjE

— The Finicky Cynic

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24 thoughts on “6 Underrated Youtubers You Should Watch

  1. middle_class_adventurer

    I’m YouTube fanatic. I will definitely check out these YouTubers. Meanwhile …if you can …do check out Katherine berry’s main channel and vlog. She is a full time college student in USC , very hard working and dedicated YouTuber. 😃

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      1. Thanks! Hope you like them…Monica Church is one of the best vloggers I’ve seen. Very inspiring videos. She has several channels but I like the Life Crisis one! 😉❤

  3. I watch a lot of youtube, but I tend to be more of the “underdog viewer” type of guy. This channel doesn’t have a lot of subs, but some of their stuff is pretty funny. This is my favorite video of theirs.

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