Woman Crush Saturday: Alex Shillington

Greetings, fellow bloggers!

Welcome to this month’s “Woman Crush fill-in-the-day-here” post! For those of you who are new to this, I feature my latest female celebrity crush once a month, on a day other than Wednesday.

Why not Wednesday? For one, I already dedicate that day to my “Poetry Wednesdays,” so that day’s taken. And while I usually post my woman crush feature on Saturdays, I have also done so on Mondays, Thursdaysand everything in between. Plus, Wednesdays are overrated, so why not spice things up a bit?! 😉

Any case, this month’s feature is a special one, as I had only recently discovered her (and her work) just a couple of months ago. I present to you Alex Shillington, an Australian YouTuber and gamer. She is most known for her weekly segment “Lez Talk,” in which she discusses all things queer and dear to her in LGBTQ+ pop culture (music, TV shows, films, etc). Although she has a small fan base compared to other YouTubers out there (almost 5,000 subscribers), she nevertheless puts out really good, honest-to-earth content about her passions, which interest me as well.

Taken from youtube.com
What a cutie…

I first discovered her through her Wynonna Earp commentary back in May, around the same time that I was also just starting out with the series. She’s all for spoilers, and I didn’t mind it one bit, especially when I just about died laughing at her epic fan-girl moments (squealing, uncontrollable giggling, and everything in between). Seriously, she’s way too adorable…plus, her Aussie accent and tendency to flip her hair back and forth throughout the video (I’ve lost count how many times) makes her all the more attractive. ❤

Taken from tubeid.net
One of her fan-girling moments, I presume…

Besides watching her react to the current LGBTQ+ news in pop media, I also really enjoy her more-personal videos, including her coming-out story and “Day in the Life of a Lesbian” vlog. Although she hasn’t really been making those videos as much these days, I still love her videos, as they’re open and down-to-earth, not overproduced like many other YouTubers just to get views and clicks for popularity reasons. Shillington is still young (my age, actually!), and has a lot of potential to continue making awesome, quality videos for everyone out there.

Taken from youtube.com
Lez talk…about how awesome Alex is!

That’s it for now! Give this adorable, intelligent young woman some love, will you? Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. I’ve also briefly mentioned Alex Shillington in a previous post that I wrote, so you can check out more here!

— The Finicky Cynic

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