Coming Around – Andie Case (SSJ #29)

Happy Sunday, folks!

Today’s Sunday song feature is Andie Case’s recent single “Coming Around (Acoustic).”

Case, a YouTube singer with over 1 million subscribers, has been liken to other successful female YouTube singers such as Tiffany Alvord, Megan Nicole, and the late Christina Grimmie (RIP, love). However, what makes her voice distinctive from other female YouTube singers (aside from Grimmie, of course) is her ability to hit almost-tonal perfection in her notes; I haven’t come across a song that her voice falls flat (at least, not on purpose). While others might sign her off as just “another female YouTube singer,” I think she has the singing chops to really go big in the music industry.

As for the song itself, “Coming Around” is just one of those tracks that seems to be smooth like peanut butter, but in fact, it gets you in the end with that extra bite you get from crunchy PB (apologies for the bad analogy, especially since I’m comparing Case’s voice to, well, peanut butter). 😛 Her voice goes from soft and cooing to an absolute powerhouse: seriously, she just kills it with that belt in the end- listen to the song, and you know what I mean!

On the lyrical level, I find it very interesting that “Coming Around” has connotations of, what I believe is, the sexualization of the female body. With the repeated bridge of “It’s my body that you want, up on the wall/I got you tripping so high, that you’re pretending to fall,” one can even interpret the lyrics as a sort of prostitution of the woman herself. At the same time, however, other lyrics such as “So take it, if you want it/I’m not stupid, I know it keeps you coming around” suggests that the woman is in control of this situation, using her body to empower herself against others who might bring her down. I have mixed feelings about Case’s lyrics for this song, but otherwise, I think it’s a catchy tune to put on during quiet weekend nights at home.

Give this song a listen, will you? Enjoy your Sunday!

— The Finicky Cynic

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