Man Crush Monday: Justin Timberlake

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Welcome to this month’s “Man Crush Monday,” in which I share with you my latest man-candy obsession with you! 😉

This month’s feature is no other than Justin Timberlake, a singer, actor, dancer, record producer, and an all-around entertainer. Having started his career at a young age in the ’90’s as part of the All-New Mickey Mouse Club before diving into a very-successful music career as one of the lead vocalists of the boy band NSYNC. His work as a singer carried on into the 2000’s, with two albums Justified (2002) and FutureSex/LoveSounds (2006) breaking ground in the pop, R&B, and soul genres. His most recent albums The 20/20 Experience (and that of “2 of 2”) (2013) also featured many great hits for the 2010’s. His partnership with Timbaland when producing all three of his albums is one of the best things to have happened in the music industry (seriously, have you listened to Timbaland’s sick beats on the albums? I encourage you to give them a go!)

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Lovely. ❤

In his acting career, many of his film credits include The Social Network, Friends with Benefits, and the upcoming animated film Trolls. He has also been a regular guest on SNL (doing parodies and skits with the likes of Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island), and overall has accomplished a lot in the entertainment industry at such a young age…while looking good doing it! 😉

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Classy JT.

While Mr. JT isn’t bad to look at, what makes him sexier is how he has carried himself throughout his career for over two decades. Hard to believe that he was once a part of Disney Channel (along with others like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera), but any case, he was different in that his transition from a child star in the ’90’s to a swaggering, sexy womanizer in the 2000’s was smooth like butter- just like with his voice.

True, Timberlake’s getting older (35 and still has a baby face!), but he’s still got everything going for him: a solid music/acting career, awesome dance moves, and a gorgeous wife (actress Jessica Biel). We’ve seen him maturing more recently over the years, especially after his latest album and his marriage to Biel. I believe he’s more grounded, more sure of himself and his abilities as an individual…and perhaps fatherhood is not too far from the future (who knows?)!

To be frank, I didn’t jump on the JT wagon until I was in high school, when I just began listening to NSYNC before progressing to his solo work. I enjoyed his FutureSex/LoveSounds album, as well as his subsequent The 20/20 Experience. He certainly loves performing the falsetto at just about any moment on the track, but makes it effortless when he does so. I have to admit, his latest summer single “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” is infectious, one of his more fun, lighthearted jams that everyone can dance to: adults, children, and the elderly alike. The confidence that he brings to all of his work, whether in music or acting, is admirable, not to forget incredibly sexy(back). 😉

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Getting sleepy there, bro?

 Give Mr. JT here some love, will you? Have a good rest of the week!

— The Finicky Cynic

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