Happy September!


Welcome to the month of September, a time during the year when the weather starts to get colder, leaves begin to change color, and overall autumn comes. It is a transition period from the hot days of August to the chilly times in October, while at the same being an important month in itself.

I can definitely feel the shift as time passes each day. Even in warm Los Angeles, I feel the temperatures dipping just a bit more, as well as feeling the soon-to-be autumn breeze creeping into my room at night. Pretty soon, days will get shorter and the nights longer not only due to the end of daylight savings time, but also to the natural change in season.

Summer was long, I have to admit, made even more so due to the fact that I returned home from teaching abroad in early May, before schools were out for summer break (although I’ve already finished school and those rules don’t apply to me, but still got that habit somewhere in me!). Over four months of summer, although technically it could be more or less considering that I don’t need to go back to college like many undergraduates out there; whether it’s a blessing or not, I won’t be needing to.

This post is more or less an announcement, for ushering in the month of September and seeing if things will be changing some more in the last quarter of the year. For those of you who are back in school or will be starting school soon, keep on studying hard; for those of you at work, keeping on working hard! Simple as that, even if we don’t really want to… 😛

In any case, I still have a lot of things lined up for this month in terms of my blog on The Finicky Cynic: of course, I still have a bit more of my “Throwback Travels” series to finish up with and plan to do so in the upcoming week, so be sure to look out for it! Otherwise, you can be sure to see the other good ol’ post series return, such as “Woman Crush Wednesday,” “Man Crush Monday,” “A Favorite Poem” issues, “Sunday Slow Jams,” etc. Admittedly, I haven’t been too consistent with them over the summer, due to my travel posts taking up the majority of the days, but it seems that you all really enjoy them, so I guess it hasn’t really been a problem at all!

Anyway, I would be curious to know what you did this summer. Did you travel, relax at home, or both? Any interesting stories to recount or life discoveries you’d like to share? Let me know! I’ll be writing another post shortly about my summer (hint: it was crazy), so you can find that out later!

All right, that’s it for me right now! Hope you all enjoy the lovely month of September, and I’ll see you soon. Take care! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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12 thoughts on “Happy September!

      1. That’s what I thought! I’m moving to California in December, so I’m pretty excited about that. Mind doing a post about California and LA? I’d love to see that. Thanks!

      2. My Dad got a job there. We’re moving from Dubai. Okay. Oh, I was hoping you could address the touristy/must do things from a local point of view.

    1. That’s great to hear! Writing is always a pleasure, even if it’s work at times. Beach weekends are awesome as well; I wished I’d gone more this summer, though! Thanks for sharing!

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