A Letter To F.C.

A heartwarming (and funny!) letter from one of my favorite bloggers. Thanks for the dedication, Paul!

The Captain's Speech

Dear F.C.

If you’re reading this, it means I was finally able to mail this letter without a dog intercepting it at the mailbox and chewing on it as if it were a leftover pork chop with a strong scent of BBQ sauce. 

This is attempt number ten. Which means nine times out of ten, a dog will eat a letter I’m trying to send out to Los Angeles. Math!

How was that for a fancy transition? Speaking of fancy, and transitions, what’s it like living in Los Angeles. Is it as glamorous as the fake smiles on talk shows? Have you ever seen a celebrity in person? Does everyone want to be famous? Do they sell glue sticks?

From three time zones away, Los Angeles looks like a warm place. And by warm, I mean the weather. Snow isn’t that bad, you guys should try it out some time! 


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