The Results are In…

Hey, bloggers.

Now that things have *hopefully* cooled off… oh, who am I kidding?

We’re screwed.


Let me tell you: I woke up Wednesday morning (France time, so still late Tuesday night back in the U.S.), got ready for work, and didn’t have time to check the presidential election results beforehand.

Got to school, went into the staff room to drop off my stuff, and another colleague with whom I don’t usually speak (although we’re friendly and everything) said hello to me and asked if I had already seen the results yet. I told him no, because I didn’t have time this morning and asked who had won.



I smiled and said, “you’re joking.”


“You’re joking.


Holy shit.

Besides my first internal reaction being overwhelmingly angry, I had to laugh at the ridiculousness of it. Plus, I had class starting in a few minutes, so I had to be prepared for the onslaught of pupils and colleagues talking about it.

…and of course, we discussed it. I was totally fine with it, even if the French kids (bless their heart) were laughing their asses off at the fact that we’re inaugurating a lunatic monkey in January.


All I can do now is laugh at the situation. As well as the fact that I’ll do anything to stay in France for the next four years when Trump is president. Or in Europe, or Asia- anywhere but the United States, for god’s sake.

Oy vey.

I need a drink (a whole bottle, even).

— The Finicky Cynic

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16 thoughts on “The Results are In…

  1. A good portion of us here in the States (Clinton won the popular vote) are also wondering how this happened. But mostly we’re just as frustrated and disgusted as you are that our country elected an exceptionally unqualified man whose values are entirely contradictory to America’s core ideals to lead the nation. Hopefully in four years, we can change this, and until then, we’ll all continue fighting for our beliefs. #strongertogether

  2. mylifestorymyway

    Even people in India are pretty shocked. I don’t know how will this impact other countries, and especially people from India who’re on work permit in U.S. or people who would have planned. Let’s hope for a good future 🙂

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