EDM Songs I’m Currently Obsessed With

Hello, bloggers!

Now for me being from Los Angeles, you can assume that there is a notable electronic dance music (EDM) scene. There’s no shortage of festivals, big or small, happening in and around the area, that many teenagers, twenty-somethings, and just EDM fans like to attend.

Yet, while I have never personally attended a hardcore EDM festival, I still greatly enjoy listening to the music genre. I actually got started late listening to it, back in 2013 when I was still in college: I was taking a summer course on the history of EDM (not kidding; the class exists!) to satisfy my music requirements for school, and inadvertently, I got hooked on the music, even long after class ended.

What makes EDM interesting is that it’s not always that typical, heavy-bass, heart-thumping synth beat you think of. From trap to ambient to even dubstep (fyi not my preferred genre, but it’s okay in moderation), there’s so much more to EDM than meets the ears.

Even further, enjoying EDM doesn’t necessarily mean you are involved in the party scene that it’s usually associated with, i.e. one of that with glowing neon lights and potential drugs. I consider myself a prude (and a huge introvert), but I still like to listen to the genre in the confines of my room while working on other things at the same time (including this blog post!).

That said, I’ve decided to share with you some EDM songs I’m currently liking. Of course, tastes will change over time, but for this moment, here are the ones for you. Granted, there are many big-named artists on here, and while you might say that they’d “sold themselves out” for the major headlines, you’ll need to consider that that was their goal in the first place, right? To get big and play headlines at the most prestigious EDM festivals out there (Hard Summer, TomorrowWorld, etc.)?

Anyway, enough rambling. Let’s get to the list! πŸ™‚

1. Broken Arrows – Avicii

2. Closer (feat. Halsey) – The Chainsmokers

3. Fast Car (feat. Dakota) – Jonas Blue

4. Higher (feat. BangBangBang) – OZMO

5. Hundred Miles (feat. Gabriela Richardson) – Yall

6. Jealous (I Ain’t With It) [Chainsmokers Remix] – Chromeo

7. Middle (feat. Bipolar Sunshine) – DJ Snake

8. Setting Fires (feat. XYLØ) – The Chainsmokers

9. Sparks (Turn Off Your Mind) (feat. Matthew Koma) – Fedde le Grand and Nicky Romero

10. Things Can Only Get Better (feat. Howard Jones) – Cedric Gervais

Have a favorite EDM song you would like to share? Let me know!

— The Finicky Cynic

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