Adele – Water Under The Bridge (Cover) (SSJ #36)

Happy Sunday, bloggers!

Today’s “Sunday Slow Jam” features the acoustic cover of Adele’s famous single “Water Under the Bridge,” sung by the Swedish artist Sara Farell. Unlike the more upbeat, disco jam of the original version, this one is calm in comparison, lilting and tranquil just like the water, possibly “under the bridge.” 😉

Don’t get me wrong; I respect the original song, even jamming along to it from time to time. But this cover is also pleasant to listen to. On the days that I’m feeling especially tired and in need of something relaxing, tuning into Farell’s soft, angelic voice is the way to go. Also helps that she isn’t bad to look at, either (seriously, she has a doll face!).

I encourage you to give this acoustic cover a listen. Have a good rest of the weekend otherwise!

— The Finicky Cynic

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