The Space Between (poem)

The Space Between

…the shaft drops.
For a moment, we were in blackout.
You felt for my hand, yours cold as this confinement.
Outside floats the stars, lost in the Milky Way
Somewhere between heaven and this darkness

We breath each other’s skins
Lost in the Milky Way, somewhere between heaven and darkness
“There’s not much time,” you say.
Outside, I catch a glimpse of the moon
Half-hidden in shyness. She’s a child, I thought.
The universe’s ending, and we’re on oxygen low.

Since when did exploration become domination?
I wonder as we watch our ship fly over the sun-star
Our home, soon to be destroyed by suicide.
Our goal was to live in the stars, achieve the dream
Of the self-made man, beknown to us a galaxy fantasy.

Reservoirs had been limited since the last decade,
I watch you slowly close your eyes, inhale the last breath in the tank,
passing on to the universe. I held on to you with all my might,
even when respiratory vital signs decline,
loss of consciousness, over the weakened heart
Beating blood, silence in the ears, darkness spinning,
the vision, quiet overhead, in the heart…

— The Finicky Cynic

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