101 Things I Like

Now, I’m not going to lie and say that this was an original idea of mine (it isn’t). In fact, I’m totally taking this idea from Paul at The Captain’s Speech (sorry not sorry, Paul!) who, as he had admitted, had also “stolen” this idea from other bloggers before him. Call this a blogging-chain exercise, but I feel no shame in doing it whatsoever!

Besides, I like doing these list posts; I find them fun. Consider that point added to the “101 Things I Like” list:

1. Doing list posts.

…there you go. Let’s begin.

101 Things I Like

2. Long-strand pasta: spaghetti, pappardelle, bucatini. You name it.

3. Heck, pasta in general. I can eat it even without sauce and be happy.

4. Matcha-flavored food (tea, cakes, etc.).

5. Matcha and azuki red bean desserts. If you haven’t tried one yet, your life hasn’t happened yet.

6. Spanish cuisine: just re-discovered it and still believe that it’s seriously underrated. It’s amazing.

7. Onigiris.

8. Taiwanese food.

9. …Asian food, in general.

10. Too many desserts to name.

11. Cherry pie (but I’ll try).

12. Tuxedo mousse cake.

13. Rum cake.

14. Napolitana con chocolate (Spanish chocolate croissant).

15. Cookie dough anything.

16. Free chocolate.

17. Hot chocolate and churros.

18. (okay, had enough of food?) Chai tea lattes (psych…sort of!).

19. Mint tea.

20. Water.

21. Milkshakes.

22. Sangria.

23. Chardonnay.

24. A good, sweet rosé.

25. Mulled wine.

26. Free drinks.

27. Cheap, fruity wine that don’t even taste like wine.

28. Happy Hour.

29. Tapas (okay, back to food, I see!).

30. A change in subject (because I’ve already wasted almost a third of this list on food).

31. Not feeling hungover the next day.

32. Knowing that you just watched a really good series when you hadn’t checked your phone/been distracted for the past hour.

33. Black Mirror.

34. Wynonna Earp.

35. Queer characters on television/in film.

36. Girls.

37. Fit girls.

38. Girls who are strong, independent women who don’t need no man.

39. …but perhaps other girls.

40. Fresh Off the Boat.

41. Knowing that you’d just read a good book because you haven’t moved for the past six hours.

42. A Series of Unfortunate Events.

43. The Help.

44. Anything by Chris Crutcher.

45. Penguins.

46. Penguin-themed objects.

47. Getting penguin-themed objects from friends and family (you’re the sweetest!).

48. Running.

49. Experiencing a runner’s high.

50. Chewing gum and feeling fresh like a motherf*****.

51. Making lists.

52. Making bucket lists.

53. Traveling.

54. Exploring cultures (lifestyle, food, interactions).

55. Learning (and relearning) languages.

56. Photography.

57. Bridges.

58. Landscapes.

59. Architecture.

60. Climbing towers for city views.

61. Smell of good shampoo.

62. Expressive eyes.

63. Jawlines.

64. Genuine smiles.

65. People-watching (without getting caught or judged).

66. Included tips (only in France!).

67. Poutine (oh, food again?!).

68. Sunny, but cold weather.

69. Open-minded people.

70. Tattoos.

71. Clean air.

72. Inclusiveness.

73. Songs in G Major.

74. Poetry.

75. Writing poetry.

76. That extra minute of sleeping in before I wake up.

77. Exfoliating face soap (and that smooth feeling you get when you’re done).

78. Brushing my teeth (I’m serious! Feel so clean afterwards).

79. Runny eggs (stop it with the food!).

80. Moisturizing dry, chapped hands.

81. Beanies.

82. Wearing pajamas all day.

83. Rolled-up cuffs.

84. Jackets with zippers.

85. Well-define cheekbones.

86. Seeing your phone completely charged.

87. Journaling.

88. Making to-do lists (and following through with them).

89. Airports.

90. Losing track of time while on vacation.

91. Losing track of time with good conversation.

92. Conversations about everything and nothing in particular.

93. Seeing your paycheck arrive.

94. Heaters during the winter.

95. Tank tops in the summer.

96. Not shaving.

97. Going braless.

98. Los Angeles.

99. Anywhere but the United States.

100. …maybe Canada.

101. …maybe the world.

Again, not the most original, clever post I’ve put out, but I did my best to add in some humor into these otherwise mundane points! I’ll be posting things I dislike soon, so stay tuned!

…also, if you would like to do this list, go right ahead! Take care. 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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16 thoughts on “101 Things I Like

  1. Nice list and thanks for keep the chain going! I was starting to worry it had lost its steam. As I was reading the list of foods you liked I just knew you’d end the streak by saying you like changing subjects or something clever like that haha

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