101 Things I Dislike

Hello, again!

Another list post from yours truly. Again, not my original doing, but from dear Paul over at The Captain’s Speech (then again, he “stole” this idea from other bloggers, so fair enough). For the previous list of things I like, check it out here.

Anyway, the title says it all. Let’s get to the list!

101 Things I Dislike

1. Corn.

2. Pumpkin spice lattes (really, what’s all the hype around it? Too basic…).

3. Rude people.

4. People who aren’t tolerant of others.

5. People who keep you waiting.

6. People who are horrible responding to texts (even though they’ve “Seen” it four hours ago).

7. Smokers who blow smoke in your face.

8. People who laugh at you, not with you.

9. Silent students.

10. Talkative students.

11. Inconclusive results.

12. Lack of closure.

13. Hair left over in the shower.

14. Hair left all over the house.

15. Wonder Bread.

16. People who are not appreciative of other people’s efforts.

17. People who don’t listen.

18. People who don’t care.

19. Horror films.

20. Loud noises.

21. Hang nails.

22. Cold tea.

23. Food babies.

24. Beer.

25. Bickering.

26. Pimples.

27. The taste of garlic/onions in your mouth long after you brushed your teeth.

28. People with no sense of humor.

29. Cliche’d captions on Instagram.

30. People who say “lit” and “bae” …and mean it.

31. People who dab.

32. Children.

33. Disorganization.

34. Crowds.

35. Waiting in line.

36. Seeing people who I don’t know well enough to say “hi” randomly in public.

37. People who refuse to make an effort in learning another language.

38. Taxes.

39. Tips.

40. The year 2013.

41. Bullies.

42. Unrequited love (technically, a love-hate relationship but that’s complicated…).

43. Nausea.

44. Feeling so hungover that you don’t recover until the following evening.

45. Bacteria (bad ones, that is. I know good ones exist out there).

46. Strangers who start talking to you.

47. Cat-calls.

48. Losing touch with people.

49. Bedbugs.

50. Overpriced things.

51. Being poor.

52. Unrealistic expectations.

53. High expectations, in general.

54. Overrated things.

55. Singers who can’t sing but are famous anyway.

56. Actors who can’t act but are still in the industry.

57. Sleep deprivation.

58. Partying long after the fun’s worn off.

59. People who try to rip you off.

60. Stale cookies.

61. B.O.

62. Bad breath.

63. Homophobia/transphobia/xenophobia.

64. Throwing up.

65. Not knowing how to open wine bottles.

66. Missing that flip for pancakes and omelets (*crying*).

67. Long, uncontrollable hair.

68. Flight connections.

69. People who get you lost (and still think they’re going the right way).

70. Stubborn people.

71. Animal cruelty.

72. Holier-than-thou raw vegans.

73. Speaking on the phone.

74. When your phone is at its last 10% battery.

75. …and there’s no outlet nearby.

76. Can openers.

77. Discrimination against left-handers.

78. The smell of markers.

79. Slow Wifi.

80. No Wifi.

81. People who constantly lie to you.

82. People who are your “friends” for connections.

83. Los Angeles culture (too much pressure!).

84. White people problems (are you serious??).

85. Giving that last slice of cake to someone else because you were being “polite.”

86. Wrinkles.

87. Hunger.

88. People who hold grudges.

89. Abusive people.

90. People who always interrupt you.

91. People who don’t believe in global warming.

92. Neo-Nazis.

93. The National Front.

94. Conservative people.

95. Balloons popping.

96. The decline of face-to-face communication (then again, I think we’re all guilty of that!).

97. Hypocrites.

98. Man buns.

99. Jeans so ripped that they look almost unwearable.

100. Ankle jeans.

101….the future of the United States (knew that I had to put that eventually, did you?).

That’s it! If you would like to do this list, by all means feel free! Cheers. 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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3 thoughts on “101 Things I Dislike

  1. I really want to know what’s going through someone’s mind the moment before they dab. I don’t get it. It’s the most ridiculous thing.

    #66 is the worst.

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