A New Blog Look!

Hello, bloggers!

It should’ve happened at some point or the other, but after over two years with the same WordPress theme, I thought that it was time to change it up! Plus, I found it quite apropos to usher in this new year, so why not?

After going back and forth on a few of them, I finally decided to settle on the Lovecraft theme; I chose this one in particular, just because it didn’t deviate too much from the previous Plane theme (sometimes, I like a bit of familiarity), but also offered something different to my blog, in terms of being more clean-cut and easier to read, so that you don’t have to constantly scroll down to read the next post: now, you can read excerpts for each post before deciding whether to continue or not.

Any case, feel free to take a look around on my site The Finicky Cynicand let me know what you think! Have a good day, people. 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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