Kelly Clarkson- The Sun Will Rise (SSJ #38)

Happy Sunday, bloggers!

Welcome to the first official “Sunday Slow Jam” post of this new year in 2017. This week’s song choice is none other from pop singer Kelly Clarkson, who has come a long way over the years since winning the first season of American Idol (good times…).

I am featuring this song, “The Sun Will Rise,” from her 2011 album Stronger, which I believe is one of her strongest albums she’s put out in her singing career (the other being Breakaway, which still gives me the pre-teen chills). This particular track is the last one from the album, and it also features the guest vocals of songwriter and producer Kara DioGuardi.

This song, I believe, is a good one to usher in this new year, the lyrics especially a good analogy for what, as many people think, has been a “shitty year” in 2016. The song’s lyrics discuss the downtrodden, hopeless feelings of being on “a dead end street/Broken glass underneath your feet,” but also that “the sun will rise,” continually no matter what.

Clarkson’s vocal are especially spotlighted here, with each chorus getting louder and louder until she breaks that final note, signaling that, indeed, “the sun will rise.” It is by no means a chill, laid-back slow jam, as it is a loud, chant-like one. All the same, though, it is a slow jam that’s empowering, and I think it can be quite inspirational as we look forward to this new year, despite the bad that is coming (*ahem Donald Trump).

Feel free to give it a listen; enjoy your weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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4 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson- The Sun Will Rise (SSJ #38)

  1. Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have been the most successful vocalists out of American Idol. Jennifer Hudson didn’t win AI but won an Oscar so she too has been successful in so many ways.

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