Man Crush Monday: “The World”

Hello, bloggers!

Welcome to this month’s installment of “Man Crush Monday,” in which I share my current male crush. This one in particular will be the first for this new year, too.

However, we’re spicing things up a bit this month with not just a single male-celebrity crush, but rather several of them! Let me be honest and say that I was kind of lost for whom I could feature in particular for this post, just because I couldn’t think of anyone. That said, I came across this Buzzfeed video that is one-part educational on men’s standards of beauty in the world and one-part gorgeous man candy to feast your eyes on.

Although this video was far from perfect, especially when some of the male models probably do not represent the whole of the society that they’re representing (aka lots of backlash on the South African one, especially when the country makes up of 80 percent Black Africans), you can’t deny that the male models are freakin’ hot. Looking past the annoying, “boomerang”-editing effects of the video itself, I found myself swooning again and again~ ❤

Interestingly, watching this video also goes to show that much of men’s beauty standards around the world are tending towards that of the Western Hemisphere, aka white people standards. Again, this is another problem, and for me being of a minority background (but raised in a white-dominant society), I’ve found myself admiring the Anglo models more so than, say, the South Korean one (although he’s not bad-looking!).

However, over these past few years of moving around and meeting other people from different backgrounds around the world, my tastes in male looks have shifted, too. That said, I would say that, aside from admiring the white models from the United States and South Africa, those representing Brazil, Turkey, and India were quite the lookers, too.

With male objectification and all, I’d still like to see more representation of beauty standards in East Asia and Africa, especially since they are such big areas with an incredible diversity of people. Perhaps Buzzfeed will have to make a Part 2 someday!

Which models in the video made you swoon? Let me know!

— The Finicky Cynic

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P.S. *slight tangent* I’m well-aware that some of you might find Buzzfeed as a bit of a trash social media platform, especially with its criticisms of culturally appropriation, firing employees based on super legal-binding contracts, and the fact that they play up the hedonistic, digital-age of twenty-somethings and accept it as is. But still, you can’t say that its videos aren’t addicting as hell.


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