Woman Crush Saturday: Una Healy


Happy Saturday, bloggers. Funny thing is, today’s “Woman Crush fill-in-the-day here” features none so than the gorgeous Una Healy, an Irish singer and one-fifth of the former British-Irish group, appropriately named The Saturdays.

Taken from celebhealthy.com
Those eyes, though…

Really, I don’t usually have a thing for redheads, but my god is Healy attractive. Not to say that the other members of the Saturdays aren’t (on the contrary, all of them are serious babes), but I would say that, ever since she captivated me with those eyes and light Irish lilt, I think that I’ve fallen just a bit in love with her. Then again, “a bit” is quite the understatement… 😉

What an angel~

…not to forget that she’s super fit: what comes as surprising is that not only is she thirty-five years old (she looks so young!), but also she’s a mother of two children. In fact, she changed her last name to Foden after she got married in 2012. She’s taken, folks!

Although the Saturdays have since gone on hiatus as of 2014, Healy (sorry, Foden) has since been working on her solo music material, and early this year released new music for her fans to listen to. Wishing her the best in her solo career!

Fit as hell.

Give her all of your love, will you? Enjoy your weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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