Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift- Two Is Better Than One (SSJ #44)

Happy Sunday, folks!

This week’s “Sunday Slow Jams” features the vocals of the American power pop/punk group Boys Like Girls and Taylor Swift. The single, “Two is Better than One” is taken from the former’s 2009 album Love Drunk.

It’s interesting, because when I first heard this song back in 2009 (it’s been eight years already?! Holy shit…), I didn’t give it too much thought and tossed it off as just other emo-punk love ballad. Funny enough, it was only just recently that the song popped into my head again, after eight long years of lying dormant in the dark, cobweb corner of my brain. Since then, I would listen to the song on Fridays, musing about relationships while having a glass of wine. ‘Cause I’m poetic like that.

To be honest, I’m not a die-hard fan of Boys like Girls. Besides its heteronormative-implicated group name, I never really got into their music, although I’ve listened to a couple of their other singles (“Love Drunk,” “Heart Heart Heartbreak”). Never really got into the emo/punk/scene music, either, with the exceptions of Blink 182 and Evanescence.

Any case, “Two is Better than One” somewhat made it into my heart, perhaps due to the slower, ballad-like vibe that’s different from the band’s other, more-upbeat stuff. The addition of Swift’s voice certainly helps to soften the sound a bit, too.

Feel free to give it a listen. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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