Happy Pi Day!

Greetings, bloggers!

Today marks Pi Day, an unofficial holiday which honors the famous pi (π) symbol in mathematics. March 14th, or 3/14, is reflective of the first three digits of pi (3.14159…), hence why we celebrate it on this particular day.

Taken from WLGZ.

I actually wrote about Pi Day in a previous post a couple of years ago, but all the same, even though I’m by no means a mathematician, I’ve been celebrating this holiday since high school (almost 10 years…already?!) and have nothing but fond memories of bringing pie to school (because after all, it’s a play-on word of “pi” itself), eating the pie, and otherwise bonding with my friends over pie and math-related puns. One of my favorites:

“√-1 8 Σ π” (translation: “I ate some pi(e)”).

(you can find more pi-related puns in my previous post on the holiday)

Since moving to France almost two years ago, I’ve found it a bit difficult to find opportunities to celebrate Pi Day. Not only did I not have people to celebrate it with, but also pie (like, “American pie”) doesn’t really exist abroad. The closest thing to that would be tartes at the local boulangerie, but otherwise, you won’t be seeing a double-crusted cherry pie (my absolute favorite) in a bakery window shop in France anytime soon!

Still, last year I made it my mission to celebrate Pi Day, regardless of the fact that I was in France and had no one to celebrate with. I also happened to be in transit that day, having come from the south of France just that past week, so before I caught the train back home, I bought myself a small, cheap pastry at the train station and that was the extent of my celebration. At least it was a circular-shaped tarte, which was super sweet, but delicious!

That said, what shall I be doing for Pi Day this year? I’ll actually be in my flat in France, along with my other flatmates. It’s also a weekday, so I’ll have to work, but I hope to purchase a nice, larger tarte from the boulangerie in town and have a small gathering in the evening with my crew, just eating and celebrating low-key. I think that’s good enough!

Taken from Pinterest.

Any case, enjoy your day and, if given the opportunity, eat some pie! 😛

— The Finicky Cynic

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