Troye Sivan- Youth (SSJ #45)

Hello! Happy Sunday. 🙂

This week’s “Sunday Slow Jam” is one which, after over a year of it being released (already?!), it remains one of my favorite songs to hit “Play” to and just let myself bask in all of its beauty and glory. I’m talking about Troye Sivan’s “Youth,” which is a track about enjoying yourself, while you still can.

Call it a carpe diem, even a “YOLO” kind of song, but amazingly, it works. The verses are repetitive, but I think that in itself enhances that magical, trance-y effect of the electronic synths and staccato beats which make you want to dance, even if you’re, like me, a terrible dancer.

As for the music video accompanying the track, it’s also quite ethereal in a way, with the singer himself dancing like no other in a PG-13 rated sleepover party with his friends, aka “squad goals” (with guest stars from Amandla Stenberg and Lia Marie Johnson). It was also very cute to see Sivan having a love interest, which ends up well (unlike that of his previous track “TALK ME DOWN,” which I also featured in my “Sunday Slow Jam” in this post).

Overall, while “Youth” is more of an upbeat slow jam that I’m accustomed to reviewing, it nevertheless offers that slow-ish, trance-like atmosphere which uplifts you, even inspiring you to go out and cherish every moment of your life, especially in your prime, “youthful” years (see what I did there?).

Any case, enjoy the track- have a good weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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3 thoughts on “Troye Sivan- Youth (SSJ #45)

    1. He’s come where? So jealous he’s been to your hometown! He’s definitely gotten a whole lot more famous over these last few years, but he deserves it!

      1. He so does 🙂 to Montreal! The first time, I’d literally just found him and his show was within the week so I had no time to plan but then the next time this past year I was determined!! Except he sold out before I could snatch the tickets haha

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