Colplay- Up&Up (SSJ #46)

Happy Sunday, folks! 🙂

Today’s “Sunday Slow Jam” is one from none other than Coldplay, titled “Up&Up” and taken from their 2015 album A Head Full of Dreams. 

I stumbled upon this song back in May, actually at first from a beautiful piano cover by Adrian Lee on Youtube (you can check it out here). After having that on repeat for quite some time, I listened to the original version, vocals and all, and found it to be quite pleasurable. With that upbeat, “kumbaya” vibe to it, “Up&Up” is just a feel-good song that you can chill-jam out to whenever you’re feeling down- it’s guaranteed to make you feel better afterwards! 🙂

Besides it’s catchy hook “we’re gonna get it, get it together,” the rest of the lyrics are surprisingly profound, in an obscured sense. Just like with its music video, the song seems to make an effort to touch on world issues without actually pinpointing any current ones at the moment, thereby making it universal and timeless. Especially in these lyrics:

“How come people suffer? How come people part?
How come people struggle? How come people
Break your heart? Break your heart?”

…and especially the last few lines:

“When you’re in pain, when you think you’ve had enough
Don’t ever give up
Don’t ever give up”

As for the music video itself, although it is the abridged version of the entire song (at about 4 minutes versus the original’s 6 minutes), nevertheless it goes hand-in-hand with the lyrics. Merging the big and small, individual and global, the music video attempts to make light on the fact that, every day, something grander is happening in our ordinary lives; it’s then a matter of acknowledging it or continuing with our own lives, perhaps even both. Any case, the surrealist imagery is certainly trippy, but pleasantly so to juxtapose issues–large and tiny–in what I consider an art form well-done by Coldplay.

I encourage you to give “Up&Up” a listen. Out of all of the Coldplay songs I’ve listened to so far, this one is one of my favorites. Have a good rest of the weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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