Ask Me Questions!

Greetings, bloggers!

Not too long ago, I hit over 2000 follows on WordPress. It’s rather surreal to believe that it happened, especially after blogging for over three years now on this site.

As a big thank you to all of those who follow “The Finicky Cynic,” I plan to do a Q&A as a way to get to know me a bit more. Some of you have sent me some questions which I’ll gladly answer, but if any of you have any more to ask, by all means ask away! From the relevant to the downright bizarre, feel free to leave any questions that tickle your fancy in the Comments of this post, and I’ll be publishing my answers to them in the Q&A post later down the line.

Thanks for following, and I’ll see you soon!

— The Finicky Cynic

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6 thoughts on “Ask Me Questions!

  1. Geraint Isitt

    I’ll give you an easy one – if you could cook one meal for anyone in the world, what would you cook and who would it be?

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