A Week in Los Angeles (Food Edition, Part 7)!

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As you may or may not know, I live in Los Angeles (that is, when I’m not working in France for the most part of the year). Having grown up in the sunny Californian city practically my whole life, it wasn’t until I moved out of my home to work overseas that I experienced a renewed appreciation for just how beautiful and culturally-diverse it was. Every time I return, I make sure to see and explore what I can of my hometown, before I need to leave once more.

Starting last year after returning from France, I began a series now known as “A Week in Los Angeles (Food Edition),” in which I go around exploring different eateries all over the city. I have found that the city is rich not only in diverse cultures, but also in the diverse cuisines that come along with it. If there’s one way to discover Los Angeles, it’s through the food! That said, I started this food series on my blog to capture the different dishes I ate while out and about in town, as means of showing you, as well as myself, the pleasures of exploring “my own backyard,” as the expression goes.

It has been a long while since my last series post in September, just before moving back to France, but I plan to start it up again this summer, as means of enjoying my time here before I have to head back to France in the fall (again). Contrary to the post’s title, I won’t be documenting my food adventures on a weekly basis, but rather every so often whenever I have enough food photos (and stories) to talk about- after all, I can’t be affording to eat out every single week! Any case, I hope you enjoy this series, along with the mouth-watering food photos that accompany them!

Without further ado, let’s begin this summer’s food adventures in Los Angeles!

This series’ post takes us back a couple of weeks ago, when I first arrived back home after a long flight from France. Considering that I came in a bit late in the evening, I ended up just eating at home with my family, having some simple, but delicious beef noodle soup that my mom had made for us. It was much-needed, especially after an exhausting journey back.

Monday rolled around, and I treated my parents to dinner at a Taiwanese hot pot joint; it’d been a long while since I had some good, old-fashioned hot pot, considering that France has limited options when it comes to Asian food, let alone good ones. Funny enough, I ordered a Korean hot pot in the restaurant, which was spicy, but much-needed after having little of it when living abroad. Piping hot and filling, the hot pot was delicious and even better didn’t stretch my budget!

Hot pot for dinner.

A couple of days later, I went out with my mom for Japanese food, at a restaurant across town. I ordered a combo of ramen and rice bowl, which was literally carb on carb, but I’m not complaining! Both dishes were hearty and warm, and I satisfied my umami cravings afterwards.

Salmon rice bowl and ramen.

That Friday, I went out once again with my parents, this time for lunch at a Chinese restaurant the next town over. While my parents had already eaten there several times, it was my first time trying it out. It was Shanghai-styled dishes, and we ordered plates of sauteed rice cakes, lamb stir-fry, cold fried fish, and stinky tofu, all of which were fresh and appetizing, to say the least. It was simple, but well-made food, and I can imagine myself coming back several more times this summer.

Chinese food for lunch.

Just this past Sunday, my family and I went to visit my grandparents, who lived across town in a notable Chinatown neighborhood where, along with my aunt, uncle, and cousin, we had dim sum for brunch. I love dim sum, having grown up eating it quite often during big family gatherings (such as that one that weekend), and I was happy to have it again after a long time. The wait for Sunday brunch took a while, but once we were seated inside the restaurant, the dishes came flying at us (quite literally!), and soon enough, we were digging into the classic har gow and siu mai, along with fried taro balls and, my favorite, the steamed custard buns. Lots of carbs, lots of oil, but you can never have too much of dim sum, especially with tea to wash it all down!

Dim sum for brunch!

Rounding out my week of food, I hit up the nearest KFC (“Korean fried chicken”) joint on Friday with a dear friend, who was back in town for a short while. Besides ordering those tender, crispy chicken drumsticks and wings, we also got some fantastic sweet potato pizza and bulgogi pizza. Extra fried and greasy, they certainly hit the spot!

Sweet potato pizza.
Two types of Korean fried chicken.

After lunch, we drove to the beach, where we walked to the pier and back, finally hitting up the local ice cream shop for a sweet, tasty treat to end our day together. I got graham cracker and green tea flavors, both of which were, texture and flavor-wise, just perfect. You can bet that I didn’t eat dinner that night!

Graham cracker and green tea ice cream.

That’s about it for now! Expect more food adventures to come this summer. Until then, take care!

— The Finicky Cynic

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3 thoughts on “A Week in Los Angeles (Food Edition, Part 7)!

  1. Ugh LA looks like it has the best food in terms of diversity xD Montreal is supposed to be diverse but not quite as LA! Asian food, from pizza to a ridiculously tasty sounding ice cream..yum!

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