10 Places I Want to Visit in the United States!

Hello, bloggers!

As an avid traveler, I’m always looking for new places to explore around the world. Having visited four continents so far (North America, Asia, Europe, Africa), I hope to visit more (that is when I have enough money to do so!).

In any case, even though I’ve been to many parts of the world overseas, I have yet to see all 50 states in my own home country, the United States. Granted, much of my childhood was spent seeing much of the West and East Coasts, so I’ve seen my fair share of places like San Francisco, New York, Boston, the Grand Canyon, Florida, and so forth. However, there’s still a lot more out there, and perhaps one day I’ll do a spontaneous road trip across the nation to see them all!

I have compiled a list of places I’d like to visit in the United States. If you live in or have been to any of these places, let me know what you thought of them; I’d like to find out!

Without further ado, here’s the list!

10 Places I Want to Visit in the United States

1. Portland, Oregon.

Taken from Teal Swan.

2. Seattle, Washington.

Taken from NorthPoint Recovery.

3. Chicago, Illinois.

Taken from Essexinn.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana.

Taken from Thrillist.

5. The Deep South.

Taken from Trip Advisor.

6. anywhere in Texas.

Taken from Lennar.

7. Hawaii.

Taken from Norwegian Cruise Line.

8. Napa Valley, California.

Taken from Napa Valley.

9. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota.

Taken from South Dakota Tourism.

10. …you tell me! (let me know)

— The Finicky Cynic

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16 thoughts on “10 Places I Want to Visit in the United States!

  1. Never been to Napa Valley, but I’m familiar with all the others (I grew up in Chicago and live in Atlanta). Dallas-Fort Worth is a good destination in Texas, as is San Antonio; Houston is a bit too humid. If you go to South Dakota, drive across it, from Sioux Falls to Rapid City, if you like miles and miles of the flattest country in the US. I love it, myself.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! The South sounds like a great place to go, even if it gets very hot in the summer. Will have to give them a go someday. πŸ™‚

  2. Great list! I’ve been to four on your list. I highly recommend Central America. Beautiful country and people. We travel a lot and never spend too much money. If you do research you will be amazed at the deals you can get.

    1. Thanks, I’ve heard of the Badlands, but didn’t know them very well. If you say they’re worth it, then that’s something I’ll need to add to my list!

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