Woman Crush Saturday: Gal Gadot

Happy Saturday, bloggers!

Welcome to this month’s “Woman Crush fill-in-the-day here.” This month features Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress who is famous for her role as Wonder Woman in the eponymous DC film that came out earlier this month.

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With her tall, slim physique (she’s 5’10”) and a jawline so sharp it could cut cheese, it’s no wonder (pun intended) that Gadot is also a model, even winning the Miss Israel beauty pageant and competing in the Miss Universe pageant later on. Her looks are secondary, however, to the fact that she served two years in the Israeli army, as required by all men and women in the country. The fact that she trained there helped her to take on the role of Wonder Woman- in fact, it’s said that she did many, if not all, of the stunts!

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Gadot is, with no exception, both beautiful and bad-ass. The way she carries herself during interviews is so lovely. With a combination of sophistication and humor, she certainly knows how to charm people! Plus, her smile is just so adorable- proof here!

Image result for gal gadot

Give Gadot some love, will you? I also encourage you to check out Wonder Woman, which is already in theaters- it’s worth watching for that blockbuster, summer entertainment! Have a good day, everyone. 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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