Graduation: A Year Later!

In honor of graduation week, here are my thoughts (two years later)!

The Finicky Cynic

Hello, my lovely bloggers! ❤

Today’s date (June 12th, 2016) marks the one-year anniversary of my college graduation (for a recap of last year’s ceremonies, check it out here). Like many already or soon-to-be graduates of universities all over the country, I once walked in the ceremony– cap, gown, sash galore– shook the hand of the department head, and sat in the not-so-comfortable seats while listening to the one, two-hour speeches of the guest speakers who most likely were called not only because of their wealth and status in society, but also for their *generous* monetary contribution to the academic institution (think donations).

My graduation ceremony. #throwback My graduation ceremony. #throwback

…yeah. I did all of that.

It is crazy to believe that it has only been a mere twelve months since I have graduated from higher education. For some of you who have been out of school for years, even decades…

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2 thoughts on “Graduation: A Year Later!

    1. I agree. Graduation ceremonies are a huge part of our culture, but still, it’s nice to properly send people off into the “real” world afterwards. 🙂

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