Back from (Summer) Vacation!

Hello, bloggers!

Yes, I’m back from my *brief* summer travels! Considering that it was only a week long, as well as being the only traveling I’ll be doing this summer, I had a good time. It was nice to get out of the house for a bit and explore somewhere new.

…so where did I go this time? I actually stuck *relatively* close to home, visiting the Pacific Northwest cities of Portland and Seattle, as well as hitting a handful of national parks home to gorgeous waterfalls, lush lakes, and snow-capped mountains. It was my first time in that specific region of the United States and, having been almost everywhere else in the world, it was nice to explore a bit of my own background on the West Coast. 🙂

Truly, the vacation turned out to be incredibly rewarding—one could even say therapeutic! Just getting away from home for a short time was rejuvenating, to say the least, and I also got to experience the distinctive, U.S. Northwest culture that I’d been meaning to discover for a while now. Well now, it’s become a reality!

I’ll be putting up my summer adventures soon on this blog, so look out for them! Until then, have a lovely day!

— The Finicky Cynic

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6 thoughts on “Back from (Summer) Vacation!

  1. Portland is one of those cities that prides itself on being weird. I hope you had a lot of fun and experienced some timber fun in the process. Quite different than western Europe I bet.

    1. Portland was certainly weird, in the progressive way! Funny you mentioned pride, because I happened to be there during its Pride Week. The U.S. is far from being like Western Europe, but all the same just as rich and distinctive!

      1. If you ever vacation in the southeast Chattanooga has to be the city you visit. Sure most folks think Nashville or Memphis but Chattanooga has mountains and some really cool things. Just food for thought.

  2. That sounds lovely! I’ve wanted to visit Seattle forever…mainly for the music scene :p But your descriptions had me thinking ‘damn it, where can I find a waterfall around here?’ :p Happy you had a fun time!

    1. Seattle was lovely. Besides the bustling city itself, it’s not far from a handful of natural parks, which makes for great day trips out for hiking…and gorgeous waterfalls, of course! Hope you can explore it sometime. 😊

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