Happy July (and plans for the summer)!

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Yes, it’s July already!

Crazy to believe that we’re hitting the peak of the summer so quickly…it seemed like just the day before, it was still May and that I’d just returned home to the States from France. Also insane that it’s been a week since I came back from a week-long road trip with my family in the Pacific Northwest—excellent time, by the way!

All the same, it’s time to get ready for two more months of summer. I always consider July to be the hottest month, mostly because of the fact that, well, temperatures in Los Angeles are full-on sweltering. August isn’t any better, but the transition from the mild June gloom to the blazing July heat is a drastic one, to say the least. I expect a lot of cooping up inside the house, with the occasional venturing out to walk my dog and get some vitamin D happening.

In any case, what are my plans for the summer? It’s surprising that I haven’t made a summer bucket list yet, or rather, shared it with you all. Here are some things I hope to accomplish by the end of this summer:

1. Netflix. …and Netflix hard. Technically, I’m using my dad’s subscription, and so far, I’ve used it to watch some shows that I’d been meaning to watch for a while (e.g. A Series of Unfortunate Events, 13 Reasons Why), but lately I haven’t been using it too much. There are a few series which interest me (Riverdale, Sense8, Les Revenants), so I hope to get back into a consistent schedule of viewing, that is, if they interest me enough after the first episode.

If you’ve seen any of the ones I’ve listed, let me know if they’re worth watching—I’d love to see any recommendations for other series to watch, too!

2. Read more. I always write this down every single summer and, let’s be realistic, I don’t usually follow up on it. A shame, really, just because I’ve become more of an Internet junkie over the years, to the point that now, I barely read for fun. My goal this summer is to see if I can even master an entire book—and it has to be a new one which I’ve never read yet!

Again, if you have any recommendations for books to read, let me know!

3. Keep up my French. Of course, living in the United States, there aren’t many French, let alone French speakers, around. While I would consider myself with a fairly good grasp of the language, I do want to keep it up, particularly with speaking and reading it. I have some French friends whom I can contact for Skype/Whatsapp calls, but as for reading, I’ll really have to make a conscious effort and force myself to do it. This doesn’t include reading blurbs on Facebook from my French friends or legal documents for my upcoming work abroad: I mean real books. I still have that unfinished novella from last year that I ought to get to, so perhaps that’ll be it!

Also, I have another blog which I dedicate to entirely in French. Mostly about my travels and French-related thoughts, so if you’re interested, check it out here: C’est la vie américaine.

4. Brush up on Chinese. An unfortunate case, but since graduating and moving abroad for work, rarely have I used my Chinese and I would say that my grasp of my own mother tongue is deteriorating so rapidly that it’s frightening me. It makes me so ashamed whenever I return home and try to speak with my family, who comment that my Chinese has gotten worse (brutally honest, yes, but of course, they’re Chinese). It makes me so ashamed and angry at myself for forgetting it—even worse, I’m afraid to try, just because of triggered memories from the past.

Anyway, I’ve made it my mission this summer to dedicate at least a few minutes to Chinese comprehension every day, simply through watching videos on YouTube. There’s this cute Chinese dub of a manga series, as well as a travel channel, which interests me, so I’m going to give it a try. Perhaps I’ll see if I can make it a reality to teach abroad in China (or Taiwan) after I finish in France, to really force myself back into my mother tongue!

5. Walk more. Strange as it sounds, I hope to rely less on the car this summer to get me places—granted, I’ll make exceptions to places more than three miles outside of the radius, but otherwise, I hope to get off my butt more and remain in the physical shape I was back in France. So far, it’s been working, so it’s promising!

6. Try new eateries. Whereas I want to stay in shape (see point above^), I also want to try restaurants and cafes which I haven’t tried before. Los Angeles is such a huge hub of food culture that there’s certainly no shortage of places to eat at! Even if I cannot get to Ethiopian food this summer (a trendy case for the past two years, sadly), I hope to at least enjoy the new places I do end up going to, as well as eating as much good Asian food before heading back to France!

And that’s my summer bucket list! What are your plans for the summer? Let me know! Have a good summer, bloggers, and stay cool!

…oh, and happy Canada Day, my fellow Canadians! 😉

— The Finicky Cynic

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13 thoughts on “Happy July (and plans for the summer)!

  1. Really enjoyed reading your summer bucket list and good luck with sticking to your goals!!
    And don’t we all always put “read more” on our goal list for the summer, no matter how much/less we normally read. I can really recommend all books by Khaled Hosseini, never want to put one down when reading. Hope you have a great summer!

    1. Thanks! So true with the summer book list…I’m really pushing for reading more this time, though, and so far, it’s happening! Enjoy your summer—look forward to more of your travels!

  2. Ouhh I didn’t know you had a French blog, I’m definitely going to check it out!
    Nice summer plans! If you want book recommendations, I’m full of them! What kind of books do you like to read? Fantasy? Young adult? Contemporary? …

      1. Okay, I really recommend any book by Leigh Bardugo if you’re in the mood for YA fantasy! (My fave is Six of Crows, SO SO SO good.) I recently read The Hate U Give, by Angie Thomas, and it was a really beautiful novel on racism. Also, Robyn Schneider’s most recent novel (Extraordinary Means) was truly awesome! (Might make you cry, though.) I don’t really read bios, so I can’t recommend anything there, but my favorite book of short stories is definitely Man Seeking Woman, by Simon Rich. (SO funny and amazing! Definitely worth checking out!)

  3. What is the Internet service like in France? Can you get Netflix there? Where I live I have 100 mb/s service and I can get a gig for not a lot of money. I hope you are enjoying what you are watching.

    1. Internet service in France exists, but it can be spotty. Tends to cheaper there, so you get what you pay for. Thanks, I’m enjoying what I’m watching so far; if you have any suggestions, I’ll gladly look into them!

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