Los Angeles: Food Edition

Hey, there!

Crazy to believe that it’s been almost two months since I last I wrote about my food adventures in Los Angeles (which you can find here). This isn’t to say that I haven’t been going out and trying new food in the area—in fact, I’ve been eating something new at least once a week, and with almost two months passed, I have plenty to catch up on!

That said, let’s get to the food!

*note* I’ve decided to change the title of this food series from “A Week in Los Angeles: Food Edition” simply to “Los Angeles: Food Edition” for a better representation of what I write—after all, I don’t update weekly anyway!

Early in June, my family and I were in the 626 area of Los Angeles, aka Chinese-Vietnamese central. We decided to get some food in town, so we headed to this recommended Vietnamese joint for lunch. We got banh mi and I would have to say that it was probably the best banh mi I’ve ever had. The baguette was so fresh, crispy outside and soft inside, to the point of almost melting into my mouth—it was that good! The boba milk tea I got was surprisingly good, rich on the milk-tea taste—I was certainly a happy camper after lunch that day.

Banh mi and boba milk tea.

For dinner that night, my parents and I headed to a nearby Korean fried chicken joint that’d just opened up earlier that week. The wait turned out to be 30 minutes, but it was forgivable once we received our meal. Chicken pieces were large and piping hot, but also wonderfully crispy and tender. We’d also ordered fries on the side, but they were your usual, frozen-crinkly fries that didn’t taste very well. Prices were a bit on the high end for the meal, but still not bad.

Korean fried chicken and fries.

That following Wednesday, my mom and I went to the movies to see Wonder Woman (good film, by the way) and got Mexican food inside the same plaza as the movie theater. We ordered fish tacos, which came with beer-battered fried fish and plenty of beans and chips to go around. It’d been a long time since I’ve had tacos, let alone Mexican food (mind you, France is horrible when it comes to anything remotely Mexican cuisine), and I was glad to be back in Los Angeles for some good, ol’ Cali-Mexican grub!

Fish tacos with beans and chips.

On Friday that same week, I went out with my parents to a Chinese mom-and-pop restaurant that we’ve frequented for the last couple of years. We went for lunch, where I got my usual, which is a kind of oil-based noodle dish with plenty of garlic and red peppers to go around. Super greasy, but in a good way—plus, you can wash it down with plenty of hot tea!

Chinese noodle dish.

The next day, I got lunch with an acquaintance at a nearby Indian buffet. You could bet that I went for seconds on samosas, saag paneer, and goat curry! Had a mango lassi, too, and with good company, it made for a pleasant day.

Indian buffet.

Right before leaving for the Pacific Northwest holidays, my dad and I got lunch together a few days before at a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant that’s known for its succulent roasted chicken. I got the original combo, with stuffed grape leaves and rice on the side. A hearty meal that satisfied my stomach!

Chicken with stuffed grape leaves and rice.

…and that’s about it for now! Granted, I’ve hit the streets for more food since then, but I’ll save them for another post. Have a good day, bloggers, and stay hungry! 😛

— The Finicky Cynic

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