Lana Del Rey- Love (SSJ #54)

Hello, bloggers! Happy Sunday. 🙂

This week’s “Sunday Slow Jams” is from American singer Lana del Rey, the track taken from her upcoming album Lust for Life. “Love” is the lead single for the album, and I couldn’t imagine any other track to start off her newest album than this one. ❤

Slow and hypnotic, “Love” caught me by surprise with its lulling tempo and simple lyrics, devoid of the sex, drugs, and partying that’s saturated in today’s mainstream music. Instead, it’s an uplifting song, about being young and uncertain about life, but learning to conquer any obstacles that come your way through love. Certainly a feel-good track to serve as ambiance for a weekend night in meditation. 🙂

The music video itself is also, what I believe, one of Lana del Rey’s best works to date. Besides its blend of black-and-white and color shots, the MV is filled with plenty of juxtapositions, between life on Earth and life on the moon, creating this dreamy atmosphere that works perfectly with the song’s tone. Plus, Lana del Rey’s wink and smile at 3:09 just about melted my heart~~~

I’m not exaggerating by saying that “Love” is probably Lana del Rey’s best track to date, as it really shows just how much she’s an artist, visually and vocally. Her message in the lyrics, “Don’t worry, baby” is both so motherly and seductive, a combination which might sound unsettling, but is actually reassuring. Essentially, it’s a matter of letting yourself go and enjoying the time you have while you can—it’s all that matters!

Enjoy the song, and enjoy your weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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