A Day at the Museum!

Greetings, bloggers!

Last week, I went out to explore a bit of Los Angeles with some friends who were still in the area, as means of getting out, stretching my legs, and seeing more of what my hometown had to offer. Together, we attended the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, or “LACMA” for short, and we spent the morning checking out the wide range of exhibitions that the reputed “largest art museum in the western United States” had to offer.

Although I did visit LACMA almost two years ago, also with friends (check out post here), I’d gone only at night when the museum was already closed. Essentially, I was only there to see the “Urban Light” exhibit, which is located outside and accessible to anyone 24/7 for glamorous photo shoots for that “authentic” Los Angeles glow– literally and figuratively, so.

Panorama of Urban Light.
Under Urban Light lamp posts.

This time around, I went with friends to see the actual inside of the buildings that encompassed LACMA. With five buildings home to countless of different art genres (European, American, abstract, contemporary, etc.), one could easily spend a whole day, possibly even two, just to take in all that the museum had to offer. Alas, we only had the morning, so we ended up limiting our time to two buildings, not even exploring all of the floors in each!

Reason why we decided to visit LACMA that day (July 11th) was that it happened to be a Free Museum Day (otherwise $15). That said, why not? I also got really lucky with parking, as I happened to find free parking (unheard of in Los Angeles) instead of paying a hefty $16 for museum parking. Not paying a cent for an opportunity to be enlightened at art…I’d take that anytime!

Mind you, I wouldn’t consider myself an art snob, like one of those pretentious people who talk high words and flowery language not because they’re really passionate about art, but rather trying to up each other on art knowledge to show who’s superior (yup, hate those people). While I’m by no means an art museum enthusiast, I admit that I’ve come to appreciate museums more in the past few years, especially having gone to numerous ones abroad in Europe and Asia. I was especially inspired by my visit to the Chihuly Glass and Garden in Seattle this June, and from there I became more into checking out museums that interested me– hence, LACMA!

LACMA blew me away with its wide range of art works, from the classics like Picasso, Magritte, and Pollack to local Los Angelean artists, especially those in the Hispanic community. This fusion of different cultures coming together really made for a great, aesthetic melting-pot inside the museums, which made my day well-spent!

An Irruption of the Rainbow.
Magritte’s “Ceci n’est pas une pipe.”

Here are some more photos to enjoy. Have a good day, everyone!

“Smoke,” by Tony Smith.
“Three Quintains (Hello Girls)” by Alexander Calder.
Terrace from BCAM building (you can see Hollywood!).
Miracle Mile.

— The Finicky Cynic

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7 thoughts on “A Day at the Museum!

  1. ezrahlaurifer

    Great post! Thanks for the info! I live in LA and I love going to museums like LACMA. BUT I have not been there lately.

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