Destination: Zakopane, Poland

Greetings! After a somber, but very educational day trip to Auschwitz the day prior, I took a *lighter* day trip to Zakopane the morning after from Krakow. Located in southern Poland, bordering close to the country of Slovakia, Zakopane is a famous tourist destination, specifically for its snow-capped mountains, hiking trails, and of course, skiing. … Continue reading Destination: Zakopane, Poland

Destination: Auschwitz concentration camp, Poland

While in Krakow during this past April vacation (more on it later), I made several day trips out of the city to nearby places, one of them including the Auschwitz concentration camp. If you know anything about it (which would really surprise me if you didn't), then you would know that it's the site where millions … Continue reading Destination: Auschwitz concentration camp, Poland

TAEYEON (태연) – 날개 Feel So Fine (SSJ #48)

Happy Sunday, folks! This week's "Sunday Slow Jam" features once again the vocals of South Korean singer Taeyeon. Earlier this month (or rather, the last SSJ that I posted before the holidays), I shared another of her songs in this post with you, and since then, I came across this other track from her recent album, … Continue reading TAEYEON (태연) – 날개 Feel So Fine (SSJ #48)

Woman Crush Saturday: Andie Case

Happy Saturday, bloggers! Welcome to this month's "Woman Crush fill-in-the-day-here" (to be honest, though, the last few posts since...whenever, has been fixed on Saturday, but I don't think I'll be changing the post title to "Woman Crush Saturday" permanently, since it could shift anytime. But I digress). Anyway, this lovely month of April features none … Continue reading Woman Crush Saturday: Andie Case