Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Normally, I don't particularly have an affinity for this Irish-originated holiday (although I wouldn't say that I hate it). In fact, the extent to which I do so is by wearing something green and using it as an excuse to consume more alcoholic beverages than usual, particularly Irish whiskey. Although the …

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A Favorite Poem (Issue #30)

Hello! Now, it has come to my attention that I haven't featured an "A Favorite Poem" issue since November-- crazy to believe, isn't it? Considering that I'd been traveling through the majority of December and January, it was normal that I would be too preoccupied to feature a poem, but it surprises me that I …

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Man Crush Monday: Tom Flynn

Greetings! Welcome to this month's "Man Crush Monday," in which I reveal my current man candy obsession. For the month of March, I present Tom Flynn, a YouTuber who makes videos on life, dating, and relationships. Now, I admit, I don't necessarily like watching relationship advice videos on YouTube, just because I find many of …

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Tom Odell– Another Love (SSJ #71)

Happy Sunday, bloggers! This week's "Sunday Slow Jams" is that from British singer-songwriter Tom Odell. Granted, this song, "Another Love," is a relatively-old one, as it came out almost six years ago-- crazy to believe that I just recently discovered it! https://youtu.be/MwpMEbgC7DA I'll be honest and say that, at first, I didn't completely love the …

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Happy March 2018!

Welcome to the first day of March! Winter is slowly starting to give way to the spring, which offers more warmth, longer days, and flourishing nature (although there will be lots of rain to come until April...). Usually, I like March for the reasons stated above, but I also like it, because it happens to …

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My Favorite French Wines

Bonjour! As someone who's lived in France for a few years, I've had my fair share of trying the wines of the country. Besides being known for its 300-plus types of cheeses, France is no stranger to hundreds, if not thousands, of different kinds of wines. Red, white, or rosé, there's no shortage of them …

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Happy Chinese New Year 2018!

Happy Chinese New Year! This year is that of the dog which, according to my zodiac sign (rooster), I'm not compatible with. Which is a shame, because I love dogs in real life, more so than cats, even. In any case, today marks a new year on the Lunar calendar, and the world (especially in …

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Valentine’s Day 2018

...or rather, "Single Awareness Day." To be honest, Valentine's Day is really just a big, fat commercial holiday which capitalizes on couples who spend money on items which don't mean even half as much as their love (or, in some cases, maybe more). After all, why dedicate a single day to express your love for …

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Loic Nottet– Million Eyes (SSJ #67)

Hello, bloggers! It's been ages since the last "Sunday Slow Jam" (back in November-- wow!), but now it's back! This week, I'm sharing with you my current music obsession, which is "Million Eyes" by Loïc Nottet, a Belgian singer and dancer who had won the Belgium The Voice in 2014. https://youtu.be/68EnJITH-5Q Beginning with soft, echoing …

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10 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

When it comes to relationships, there are numerous ones which we develop over the course of our lives: familial, platonic, romantic. Some come and go throughout, and that's okay-- sometimes, it's just life happening. However, there are the relationships which might not necessarily wan, but at the same time are not good for you. Known …

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