SPAM (poem)

SPAM it’s the spiced post-colonial Americana military diet that settlers create for the Micronesian dream no, it’s microscopic off the border of u.s. wake up the islands to salty territories of unincorporated lands corporate heads eat king breakfasts on king-sized beds spiked with thyme and blossoms ripe for picking in horticulture it’s the difference between … Continue reading SPAM (poem)

Starry Night (poem)

Starry Night Starry night! starry night! What nights like these beneath the ink-stained sky, twinkling diffusions blowing out into scintillating madness? This black matter aftermath wondrous to the sight sublime, a beautiful terror engulfing unexpected visions with those of melancholic despair. Such strange clouds! Half-visible to the eye, painting infinite battle-fields lost in a sea … Continue reading Starry Night (poem)