Aurah- “Loving Annabelle” Soundtrack (SSJ #59)

Happy Sunday, bloggers! This week's "Sunday Slow Jams" is another throwback. However, instead of featuring just one song, I'm featuring a motion picture soundtrack-- reasons being that I believe it must be taken as the whole package, i.e. all songs, in order to fully enjoy it. This is the soundtrack from the 2006 LGBTQ+ film Loving …

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5 Ultimate Guilty Pleasure Songs

Greetings, everyone! When it comes to music, perhaps you're never without your earbuds or headphones to listen to your favorite tracks. Really, with the variety of songs out there today, your options for listening are endless. Now, another thing to address is that not all songs are made equally: some are brilliant masterpieces while others …

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Happy Left-Handers Day!

Lefties, unite!

The Finicky Cynic

Yup, that's my beautiful left hand about to work some magic on paper! Yup, that’s my beautiful left hand about to work some magic on paper!

Hey, folks!

Kind of a late post, but I just found out that today’s Left-Handers Day! Yipee! 😀

As a born and bred lefty, I am glad that there’s a special day (August 13th) dedicated to us “rare” people in the world (really, left-handed people comprise of only ten percent- incredible!).

In any case, today is the day when we celebrate the lefties out there, promote their difference, and, more seriously, make aware of the inconveniences that they have to face in a world that is predominantly right-handed. I have written about my experiences and thoughts as a lefty in a previous post; feel free to check it out here: I’m Left-Handed?!

That’s all I wanted to say for now! Enjoy the rest of your day, lovely people- whether right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous! 😛

— The Finicky…

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Woman Crush Saturday: Lauren Jauregui

Happy weekend, bloggers! This month's "Woman Crush" is Lauren Jauregui, one-fourth member of the girl-power group Fifth Harmony. Since 2012, she, along with the group, has garnered much popularity for their music, a blend of pop, dance, R&B, and so forth. Moreover, they've become role models to their fans, promoting "girl love" for the world …

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Man Crush Monday: Kostas Garcia

Hello, bloggers! Welcome to this month's "Man Crush Monday," in which I share my current male celebrity crush with you. Let's get on to it! This month's man crush is none other than Kostas Garcia, a Los Angeles-native who's known for being a YouTuber, not only starring in channels such as The Fine Bros. and SummerBreak, but also his …

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Ed Sheeran- Perfect (cover) (SSJ #58)

Happy Sunday, bloggers! This week's "Sunday Slow Jams" is one that I recently stumbled upon and instantly fell in love with. It's a piano acoustic cover of Ed Sheeran's "Perfect," beautifully interpreted by Jon Schmidt from The Piano Guys. Truly, it's the ultimate soothing track to put a smile on your face in pure, giddy …

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