Destination: Carcassonne, France

Bonjour! Since hearing about this historic, medieval-walled city, I had been keen on visiting Carcassonne while in France. That said, I made it a goal to head over while in Toulouse this past January. As an UNESCO World Heritage Site, its citadel draws plenty of tourists every year, and that gave me more of a …

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Destination: Toulouse, France (2018 Edition– Part 2)

Bonjour! After my visit at the musée des Augustins, I headed out to explore more of the city center, all the while wait for the sun to set. Considering that the icons of Toulouse-- pont Neuf and the Capitole-- lit up when it got dark, I wanted to wait to capture them in all of …

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Destination: Toulouse, France (2018 Edition– Part 1)

Bonjour! After four nights in Paris following the New Year, I wasted no time heading south of the country to the city of Toulouse. Likewise with Paris, I planned to spend four nights in the Southwest and make day trips to other cities nearby to explore more of what the region had to offer. I …

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Destination: Amiens, France

Bonjour! While staying in Paris after the New Year, I also decided to use it as a base for a day trip to Amiens, the capital city of the Picardy region in northern France. I'd been interested in going since my days of living in Normandy, but it wasn't until then that I got around …

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Destination: Paris, France (2018– Part 2)

Bonjour! Following my morning's visit of Paris, I decided to get lunch near rue Mouffetard, one of the lively streets near the Latin Quarter. Of all things that I could've eaten for lunch, I chose Korean food, namely because I really missed it. Although I didn't have high expectations for Korean cuisine in France, I'd …

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Destination: Paris, France (2018 Edition– Part 1)

Bonjour! After my trip to Italy and Spain over the Christmas holidays with my family, I returned to France to ring in the New Year with some of my close friends in my small city. It was only a few days later that I decided to jet off again, as I didn't want to waste …

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What I’m Watching on Netflix Now

Greetings! While I hadn't been active on Netflix for a long while, it wasn't until earlier this year that I really go into it. Seriously, it must be the winter weather, just because I've been holed up in my room just binge-watching series after series. Ones I've seen so far have been pretty good, and …

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My Roommate Story #3

Exactly a month ago, I posted one of my crazy roommate stories-- I can assure you that there's more wild stories to tell, so here's another one! A bit of context if you haven't read the previous stories: since moving to France in September, I've found and have been living in a shared apartment with …

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Happy March 2018!

Welcome to the first day of March! Winter is slowly starting to give way to the spring, which offers more warmth, longer days, and flourishing nature (although there will be lots of rain to come until April...). Usually, I like March for the reasons stated above, but I also like it, because it happens to …

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Destination: Valencia, Spain

My travels this past December came to an end with the final stop in Valencia. It's the third-largest city in Spain, and it's home to hosting many international events (in sporting, the arts and sciences...), as well as its signature dish, the paella. Having had been interested in visiting this Spanish city, I was looking …

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